Thank you, Love

Thank you, Love was Kana Nishino’s 3rd album. It was released on June 22, 2011 and debuted at no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 178,006 copies sold. It was released in a limited edition CD+DVD edition, as well as a regular CD-Only edition.

Thank you, Love - Kana Nishino

1. *Prologue* ~Sunrise~
2. Esperanza
3. Clap Clap!!
4. Together
5. Distance
6. I’ll be there
7. Flower
8. Every Boy Every Girl
9. Where are you?
10. if
11. Alright
12. Kimi tte
13. Wishing
14. *Epilogue* ~Thank you, Love~

nullWhile I’m not digging her current look, I’m digging Kana’s popularity. I never would have thought that when I first gave her a listen that she’d be this popular now. I thought she’d never hit close to no. 1 and be like those artists who deserve no. 1 but never achieve it. Not only is she getting those no. 1’s, but she’s continually doing better. And she finally doesn’t look like Ayu anymore, but I really don’t like this current look on her (at least with this outfit). Anyway, onto the review!

As usual, Kana kicks things off with an into, this one is entitled *Prologue* ~Sunrise~. It’s a gentle intro, very lovely and almost sentimental. The strings, acoustics, light percussion, and synth really make a wonderful sound, especially when she keeps singing “Thank you, Love…” Kana quickly gets things moving with her latest single Esperanza. With it’s Spanish flare and hypnotic beats, it’ll be sure to get you dancing. I really wasn’t expecting a song like Clap Clap!!. This fast-moving, energetic song is superb for Summer. Full of energy and effervescence, it’s actually pretty catchy. The claps are annoying at times, and the song can seem a bit over the edge, but give it a shot, it’s worth the listen.

I was expecting Together to be a ballad, but it turned out to be more of a mid-tempo, up-beat song. It features some strong brass elements, as well as some strings, and it almost sounds like something that a marching band would play; that being said, it’s not half bad. The vocals aren’t terrible either, although at times it can seem as though they’re being drowned out by the instruments. Can’t say I hate this song, but it’s a far cry from my favorites.

nullOne of my favorite Kana tracks by far is Distance!!! This fast moving synth infused semi-ballad is one of the most infectious tracks on the album. So I’ll be there was released as part of if, and it should have stayed there IMO. There were other songs that could have been on the album, but at least this song is decent. For an R&B ballad, it’s not half bad, and it’s certainly not forgettable. As for Flower, it’s sorta a typical Kana ballad. This classical ballad features some great vocals by Kana as well as some light percussion; that’s about it though, nothing else too miraculous.

That was the first half of the album, now it’s time for the second half!

The next few tracks on this album are by far my favorite. The first is Every Boy Every Girl. It sorta reminds me of ONLY ONE from Esperanza because of heavy synth/rock riffs. I’d almost say that it’s aggressive in some sense and definitely more edgy. One of the more enjoyable songs on the album. And finally, THE BEST TRACK!!!! I think everyone has come to the conclusion that the best new song is Where are you? It’s the equivalent of to LOVE‘s WRONG. It’s an aggressive, pop sensation that’s one of her most infectious tracks to date. This synth infused track is one of the freshest songs out there. The beats are great, the music (a mixture of pop, synth and percussion) is just amazing, and her vocals are fantastic. This is one track that’s ready for the dance floor and unforgettable.

nullAt this point, the album is made up of ballads, which I enjoy. if is still one of my favorite tracks from Kana. This sweet, modern pop ballad is filled with a powerhouse of emotion and strength. And I still can’t get over the instrumentals, that’s how good it is. Although I would have preferred to have another song be used as the promo, Alright is actually really good. It’s almost like a more pop version of if. There is a huge concentration of synth as well as percussion in this song, not to mention some classical elements. And like the previous ballad, she demonstrates her vocal talents, tons of power and emotion; and she manages to make the song catchy. The PV isn’t bad either, and I can still hear the stellar instrumentals!!! While I love the instrumental, I still don’t really like Kimi tte as much as I would like. I like it more than I originally did, because I love Kana’s ballads, but it doesn’t have the same “umph” as some of her better ballads. And a perfect example of a Kana ballad is none other than Wishing. It’s been getting a lot of praise and for good reason. This ballad is the perfect example of a fusion between classical and modern elements. The piano chords, and orchestra of strings, and synth really make this song magical. And as you might have guessed, she displays her phenomenal singing chops in this song. This song could have been used to promote the album, it’s certainly a flawless ballad that will stick with you.

And naturally, what better way to end the album with *Epilogue* ~Thank you, Love~. Every time I hear either an intro or outro, I can’t help but feel happy. Kana is singing every other line, and then thanking everyone in the next line. It’s really sweet an adorable and just perfect. The acoustics, strings, and synth sounded magical in this song, and I love how the song even picked up some speed. She sounds very gracious and so cute as well! What a lovely way to end her third album.


I’m so loving Kana right now!!! I don’t think many artists, that I review anyway, have released a studio album this year that comes close to this album as far as quality goes. There’s not beating Kana now, the only real challenger would be the former queen, as she will probably outsell the current empress (you know who I mean), and as my favorite is currently on a hiatus. Kana is Japan’s rising start and nothing will get in her way. I’m not sure if this album will do as well as the previous album, but I have no doubt it’ll be in the top 10 again, well, I hope it’ll be in the top 10. This album is just amazing. You have some phenomenal ballads, energetic songs, and some aggressive tracks that are sure to get you dancing. And as much as I love this album, I still can’t wait for her next single. Move over Ayu, Kana is coming for you (and she doesn’t need to look like you anymore).



Favorite Tracks
Distance || Alright || Where are you? || if || Wishing


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