Kimi tte

Kimi tte was Kana Nishino’s 12th single. It was released on November 3, 2010 and reached no. 3 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 40,670 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 54,666+ copies.

Kimi tte - Kana Nishino

1. Kimi tte
2. Christmas Love

I have to say that after if I was sorta hoping for something along the lines of WRONG or even MAYBE. Sadly I wanted something that was the opposite of Kimi tte. But that being said, this is still a wonderful song. It’s a lovely ballad and up to par with Kana’s standards. But at the same time, I would have liked something a tad bit more epic. At the same time though, I loved Kana’s vocals, they meshed well with the strings and church bells. On the bright side, the music was great; the pianos, synth, strings, acoustic guitar, and percussion sounded excellent.

Christmas Love is really something that I would have liked to have been released close to Christmas but it’s still a joyful song. This song is full of xmas spirit, jingle bells and all. And while it’s not the most exciting song the music more then makes up for it. As for GIRLS GIRLS, well it’s unique, that’s for sure. This song sounds kinda like a girl power song. At first it sounds almost hip-hop-ish, but it it takes an interesting turn and changes mostly to rock music. Eventually it oscillates and the strings facilitate it quite well. Basically chorus = rock, everything else = hip-hop. Easily one of her most aggressive works to date.


I can’t lie when I say that it’s not her best single, because it’s not, at least for this era. I still feel that if is better, although this is a worthy followup. I kinda liked the B-Sides better in some respect but the title track was fairly good. I still wish she released something a bit more up-beat but nonetheless I still like Kimi tte. But it will take some time for it to grow on me. It’ll be interesting to see what she releases next.



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  1. […] hear the stellar instrumentals!!! While I love the instrumental, I still don’t really like Kimi tte as much as I would like. I like it more than I originally did, because I love Kana’s ballads, […]

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