Esperanza was Kana Nishino’s 14th single. It was released on May 18, 2011 and debuted at no. 5 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 28,747 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 38,119+ copies. This is the final single in her Thank you, Love Era.

Espernanza - Kana Nishino

1. Esperanza
2. Thinking of you

nullI remember when I heard that Kana would be releasing a new single, I was so excited to say the least. She’s come a long way since her debut back in 2007/2008 depending on how you look at it, and she’s become one of the freshest faces of J-Pop, as well as one of my favorite artists. I specifically remember the single being called Loca, which means crazy, but maybe after the Earthquake they changed it to Esperanza lit. Hope. Either way, this Spanish inspired song is just what the doctor ordered. Initially, I wasn’t all that happy with it. It took a while, but it did grow on me. The song has some great music, with a Spanish vibe naturally. There’s tons of clapping, a Spanish guitar, some wonderful strings, and possibly a little bit of percussion; the Spanish guitar is the main star as far as instruments go. As the song’s title means hope, the song is very optimistic and up-beat. Kana’s vocals are impressive as always, she has a nice range in this song, she doesn’t sound so monotonous. And the song is extremely catchy, always a plus in my book.

Thinking of you is a ballad. It’s a typical Kana ballad. Sweet, mostly classical music and some modern influences, some slight electronic elements here and there, along with song acoustics and a piano. Her English is great as always. Sadly this song doesn’t really catch my attention. It’s nice, but it’s easily forgettable.

ONLY ONE is a much stronger song. Not only is it a raging dance song that’s perfect for the clubs, but it’s so aggressive that it’s fierce and sexy. The music is heavily electronic influenced, tons of beats, and great for partying. I actually would’ve preferred to see this as the A-Side, it’s so aggressive that I can’t help but love it. The vocal distortions were to die for, and her regular vocals were great too, some parts reminded me of some of her more energetic tracks from her sophomore album. This song is just so infectious that it really stands out. Perfect B-Side.


To make a long story short, this single rocks. Great title track that is perfect for the album and a killer B-Side. Not all that cohesive, but the single overall is still fantastic. I’m not rocking her new hair though. It was better blonde, or strawberry blonde, however she had it before. At least it’ll be consistent with the new album though. I have a feeling that we’re in store for another amazing album, hopefully it’ll have the same success if not better.



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