ONE was MiChi’s 8th single. It was released on June 22, 2011 and debuted at no. 85 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 977 copies sold.


1. ONE

I still remember MiChi’s debut, and it was amazing. Her last single was incredible as well, so it’s no surprise when I say that I had high hopes for this single.

MiChi actually released ONE as a support song back in March, and after hearing it, I wasn’t all that amazed. I didn’t even listen to the entire song. After giving it a listen though, I fell in love with it. Not only are the lyrics just beautiful and full of hope, but they’re so inspiring. As for the composition, part of it reminds me of LOVE is. Like any typical MiChi song, it features a good amount of synth, but this song also incorporates the piano, as well some percussion; I’d like to say there’s a guitar in there, but not even I’m sure. The song is almost like a ballad, but it moves faster than the average ballad, and I feel like it’s a lot more infectious and catchy. And another great thing about this song, the bridge was excellent, MiChi’s whispers were just perfect. An enchanting song to say the least.

LiFE CLOCK definitely reminded me of her older songs, in title at least, since her capitalization skills aren’t used at times. As far as the music and sound goes, it sounds fairly similar to ONE. They use a lot of the same instrumentals, although this song features more acoustics, some strings, and a bit more rock elements as well. Her vocals are great here too, no complaints at all. At some points I was wondering if it was a country song, but MiChi can rock it with no problem.

Turns out that DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER is a cover, and unlike some of her other covers, I actually liked this cover. I’ve heard this song before, but I can’t remember which cover I liked best, but I know I love it. And I absolutely love this song. This cover has a slight country sound to it, that or a soft rock, either way there’s a smooth sounding guitar. MiChi’s vocals are so perfect and refreshing that you can’t help but love the song. And as always, perfect English, there’s no excuse since she’s from the UK.

As for the remix of YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I was expecting to hear a wonderful remix, but I ended up disappointed. It sounds very similar to the original music wise, but it features choppy beats, slightly higher synth beats, and the vocals are just everywhere. Some parts of the song are left out, some parts are distorted and changed, others are just so horribly changed that they ruin the song. This remix is an EPIC FAIL.


I was really dreading this review, but I’m so glad I decided to review it! This single is just pure bliss. The title track is inspiring, the B-Side is lovely, and the cover is magnificent, the remix is just bleh to put it nicely. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s better than LOVE is. ep, but I would say that it’s just as good. It still features that typical MiChi synth infused music, which I still love. And may I add that MiChi looks absolutely stunning on this cover!!! I love MiChi as much as the next person, but a cat on the cover that doesn’t have that much of you on it just takes away from you. This cover features her front and center looking dreamy, I’d go as far as to say effortlessly beautiful. I wish she’d learn to have more covers like this, certainly some that look a lot better than her debut album’s cover. Anyway, spectacular single that is sure to lift your spirits, no matter what the cause.




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