Future Reviews

Welcome to the Future Reviews Page. Here you will be able to find out what reviews I will be doing in the future. Feel free to request any artists that you can think of, but just know that for now these artists are mostly mainstream artists. With that being said, as long as I can hear the artist’s music than I should be able to do a review, but give it time. *Note: Not everything I will post will be featured on this page. Some reviews will be done to finish up the era and prepare for the album. In simple words: I’ll just finish reviewing singles from time to time to complete the album singles then usually post the album on this page. Thank you!



69 Responses to “Future Reviews”
  1. vinyabarion says:

    I don’t see any Namie… so… I’ll request it… lol…

    If you haven’t heard her, I’d start with PLAY and work backward… if you want a little heads up, you can read my review here: http://vinyabarion.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/play/


  2. diegwa says:

    Don’t worry lol, I have some Namie too, so i’ll start reviewing her, after the 12 Singles Collection. I’ll even review her new single coming out.

  3. amaiyume says:

    Just wanted to say that those five artists that you mentioned are 5 of my FAV artists. I know she isn’t one of those 5 but I would recommend a review of Goto Maki – How to use SEXY. It’s a wonderful album even though it came out last year.

    Leah Dizon’s “Love Paradox” single would also be something to check out.

    Otherwise, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for Ayu’s “Mirrorcle World” and Hikki’s HEART STATION album [although I’m assuming you will since you posted info on both.]

  4. diegwa says:

    Of course I’ll do Leah Dizon,’s Love Paradox, she was going to be reviewed eventually along with her three singles and album. As for Goto Maki, I’ll try a review of a few of her songs. And yes I will be reviewing Mirrorcle World and HEART STATION. Check back soon, I’ve just finished a review of DOLCE.

  5. Solarblade says:

    Might be interesting to read about your Reviews on Ami’s “AROUND THE WORLD” and “CONNETTA”…..Though I’m wondering if you’ll be able to review Ami Suzuki before she joined with Avex

  6. diegwa says:

    I’ll review her Avex albums for sure, and I’ll try to review the other few when she was with Sony, I just need some time.

  7. Solarblade says:

    Totally, running this blog does seem hard work for ya, so i can def wait

  8. blackmager says:

    This looks interesting.
    Finally I don’t have to guess.

  9. Solarblade says:

    Perfume and Nami album reviews? oh snap, im falling in love XD

  10. Lex says:

    omg I see melody. ❤

  11. boamyjewel says:

    WHAT!! mihimaru GT!
    Finally I found more fan ^^ I’m so glad!! xD


  12. boamyjewel says:

    u should add Vivid

  13. solarblade says:

    Bara ga Saku Bara ga Chiru? awesome, i can’t wait to read it, BTW i started a blog myself. Totally excited!

  14. Die says:

    Congrats, what’s the name?

  15. solarblade says:

    Kurayami Monogatari

  16. solarblade says:

    Whoo! Kumi and Ai singles!!!

  17. blackmager says:


  18. Die says:

    Thank you, so someone can see it. I can’t see it on my comp for some reason, but I put it up there lol.

  19. glassmask says:

    is it still on..ok..

    ayaka -sing to the sky

    I just got this album…:-)

  20. radiantdawn says:

    I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links? O:


  21. glassmask says:

    Soba ni Iru ne
    do u want to review this? its the highest selling singe in japan for now~ so I listened and..LOVE~

    maybe u should have a series review one the 2008 highest sellings singles~~~

  22. Die says:

    It was the highest selling single, might not be now though. I heard part of it before, and I honestly didn’t think it was anything special, but I’ll give it another shot.

    as for the top singles review, i’m honestly going to have to say no. Most of the highest selling singles are boybands, and I can’t stand boybands honestly. But if I ever do hear them I’ll be sure to review it, but first I need to find it xD

  23. Kasumi says:

    Oh yay, Supreme Show :3
    I can’t wait xDD

  24. Mumii says:

    Wow. I can’t wait for Shokotan. But I’d like to request MiChi, she’s a Japanese mixed with British singer. I love her new single, PROMiSE. XD

  25. mithfalath says:

    Since you have Hoshi Akari up there, then continue with their first album, Wild Flower! (^_^)V

  26. Selryam says:

    Woo, Supreme Show~

    Looking forward to that review!

  27. radiantdawn says:

    I think you should try out Kalafina. O:

    They’re pretty good and they have a single coming out on Christmas.

  28. noahfurlani says:

    I second radiantdawn’s recommendation. Even though you’re already reviewing two new artists. They only have three singles, and no albums. But their music is… well, f-ing fantastic.

  29. Die says:

    I’ll try but it depends on whether or not i can find their music.

  30. glass says:

    hoho u changed ur banner to Come Back To Me! That song is growing into me…

    looking forward to ur GND and Mika’s album review!

  31. glassmask says:

    how about BoA’s Eien?

    it sounds soo good. much better than her 2008’s singles.

  32. Die says:

    of course lol, I’ve only heard part of it because I’m too lazy to listen to it, but what I’ve heard sounds good lol. And I’m pretty sure I’ll even review her English album

  33. Ironic Clown says:

    oh boy, i cant wait for MiChi’s new single…

  34. glassmask says:

    Oh yes Eien!!

    How about Namie’s Wild/Dr. ?

    it takes little time but now its totally stuck in my head!!!!

  35. Die says:

    of course lol, i’m just waiting for the covers then i’ll post it

  36. glassmask says:

    can i request Hikki’s “come back to me”?

    many ppl got different comments on that song.

  37. Die says:

    i was going to review the album, but i guess i could review the single, just give me a week

  38. glassmask says:

    oh god after listen to utada’s Merry XMAS Mr. Lawerence and some other pv, I seriously hope you can review her THIS IS THE ONE album after its leaked!!!!!!

  39. Die says:

    yes i will review it lol, maybe after it’s released though lol, at least after it charts

    and i love mcml -FYI too

  40. glass says:

    the album review list looks interesting~

  41. glass says:

    Oh yes Rie Fu, I love her Romantic single!

    actually I was listening to Hikki’s radio on last.fm today and some related artists caught my ears…I wonder if u will like them?

    one of them is Shiina Ringo, i heard her “salle de bain” and was hooked … her album Shouso Strip was supposed to be pretty good.

    another one was Tommy February6 and her debut album…

    oh well i guess u wont have time now since AP is coming OMG OMG!

    but i just thought their style are related to Hikki’s and felt interesting.

  42. Die says:

    tommy is good lol, i might start to review both heavenly and february stuff. ringo i’ve heard of, haven’t heard anything yet though. and strip??? never heard of lol, but i’ll give them a try if i can find them

  43. glass says:

    haha i heard Ringo’s strip album already…its different from what i expected lol…

    yes heavenly and february!

  44. hyperballad says:

    omg omg i’m putting request on Michi’s Kiss kiss xxx, when it come out.

    and hikki’s 8/21 new single! i got the previews and she sounds so….like herself, even when she was only 9

  45. Die says:

    i’ve already heard it and i like it lol, so i’ll be doing kiss kiss xxx

    and hikki of course lol, not sure about her single, mostly because i think it’s just a remake, but the evangelion theme song sounds promising

  46. suggesting Halcali says:

    What about Halcali ?

    they are awesome ^_^

  47. Monie says:

    Halcali all the way !!!!

  48. Haru says:

    I hope see Aya Kamiki’s reviews one day ^^
    Thanks for all your job !! 🙂

  49. Hikaru says:

    I hope there will be some review about Nana Mizuki for she is famous now already… I LOVE HER SONGS! Please do some review on her XD

  50. Yuna Ito Fan says:

    Please make more reviews about my favorite J-Pop singer, Yuna Ito

  51. Sakura says:

    Why not do some Mami Kawada reviews?? XD

  52. Kanami says:

    Since you’ve reviewed Stereopony before, why not review their upcoming single “Hanbunko”?

  53. Riku says:

    Why not review Nana Mizuki?? She is a great singer XD

  54. Die says:

    I need to complete reviewing Stereopony so I will review their next single, especially since I loved their last one.

    Nana Mizuki, I’m still debating whether or not to review her. She’s mostly just a voice actress, can’t remember the actual name but it begins with an ‘s’. I’d have to listen to some songs and see whether or not I like them.

  55. Riku says:

    maybe you can try the recent one entitled: “Phantom Minds” or some other songs she has

  56. Yuna says:

    since you’ve reviewed some of Yuna Ito’s single and album why not eview all of her singles and album???

  57. Die says:

    i’ll think about yuna ito. i know i liked her DREAM Era but I’m not too sure about the other songs and albums, I might, depends on what I feel like doing.

  58. Namie says:

    I strongly recommend Shibasaki Kou’s 2009 album “Love Paranoia” — it has a really good balance between ballad/uptempo and is overall very good (especially considering that Kou’s a crossover actress/singer).
    Also, I think AKB48’s “Jyuunen Zakura” is a very good catchy/upbeat song, but I don’t know if AKB48 in general is too wota-esque to be featured here LOL

  59. Ai says:

    I recommend you to review AZu’s singles and albums… especially Jikan no Tomare and For You. if you don’t know the songs try listening on it on youtube XD

  60. Ty_Sylicus says:

    Sry about the PB bandwidth. O.o

    I’m doing a J-Pop Artists tourney on my blog; Single Elimination style. Please stop by and vote if you have the time. ^_^

  61. Die says:

    what are you taking about? cause i know i got an email from pb about the bandwidth, but are you hot linking or something?

  62. Anraku says:

    I think Ty’s Photobucket comment is referring to the “Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded” Images all over the place :U

  63. Die says:

    really? cause i don’t see it, i only see the regular images xD oh well

  64. Sakura says:

    Why not review about the J-Rock band CHERRYBLOSSOM, they’re cool and hot for me LOLZ XD

  65. Ty_Sylicus says:

    Anraku got it right.

    Stereopony! Yay! =D

  66. Sakura says:

    Nee~! Stereopony has a new single entitled “Hanbunko”

  67. steph says:

    superfly- boxemotions
    miwa- dont cry anymore


  68. friv says:

    Ah yes, a nice ice cold Gin Martini,,, with an olive.

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