TOKYO NIGHT was MiChi’s 10th single. It was released on February 1st, 2012 and reached no. 107 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 580 copies sold. This was the final single in her THERAPY Era.


2. December
3. Revolution (The Veronicas’ cover)
4. TOKYO NIGHT (Instrumental)

So what to say about the final single from THERAPY? There’s not all that much to say I guess. TOKYO NIGHT is just what you’d expect from MiChi, it’s her typical synthpop style. Characterized by up-beat synth riffs, this up-tempo song is pretty much like all her other stuff. Her vocals sound nice though, especially her English! The vocal distortions were cool as usual.

I wasn’t expecting a song like December. It’s more of a rock ballad, slower than the previous song, and it’s completely English. Definitely a good song, especially her vocals, they really shine through, all the emotion sounds fantastic.

I know who the Verionicas are, but I don’t remember hearing Revolution. Rather than MiChi’s typical synthpop, this song is more of a fusion of synth and rock. It’s an interesting cover for sure, not too terrible honestly. The song overall isn’t my type of song though.


Not much to say about this single. It’s a decent one I’d say, nothing mindblowing but certainly not boring. I’m glad the title track will be featured on her latest album.




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