Find Your Way

Find Your Way was MiChi’s 9th single. It was released on November 30, 2011.

Find Your Way - MiChi

1. Find Your Way
2. Perfect World
3. Just The Way You Are
4. Find Your Way (Instrumental)

MiChi has graced us with yet another powerful and equally wonderful title track! Like her previous single, Find You Way is a superb ballad. The producer of this song actually produced Tohoshinki’s Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? Anyway, like most ballads as powerful and moving, it does stay true to that classical arrangement, but this song takes it a step further, and infuses various modern elements, namely the synth riffs and minor percussion elements. The ballad itself sounds rather regal and equally dramatic. I personally think MiChi’s vocals really shine through, and the vocals really go well with the synth infused classical arrangement.

I remember seeing the title Perfect World, and I thought to myself, this sounds promising. It’s over 5 minutes long and it’s mostly a synth-pop track, perhaps a tiny bit rock sounding, but it mostly borders on dance-pop. The song itself is quite interesting. It’s sung completely in English, but despite that, I felt like there were times where I didn’t know what she was gonna say. The first part it sounds like MiChi’s vocals are being distorted a bit, or something, but it makes it a big in audible, and kinda annoying. I think during the chorus (not quite sure, this song doesn’t have your typical structure) things got a bit better, but her vocals were being drowned out by the music. Certainly an interesting track, but not close to her best.

Yet again, MiChi has given us yet another cover! This time, it’s Bruno Mars’ own Just The Way You Are. I personally loved the original version, so naturally I was intrigued to hear MiChi’s take on the song. So how does this compare to the original? It’s honestly not her best cover to be honest. I definitely felt like her vocals were a bit scratchy at some points, that and I felt like she needed to enunciate a bit more. The song did sound very MiChi though, synth oriented, while still retaining that same ballad sound. She could’ve done better though.


So this single is like so many singles I’ve heard. Love the title track, B-Sides just aren’t all that impressive. I definitely loved how dramatic and powerful this ballad was, it’s truly inspirational. I really didn’t like the B-Sides all that much sadly.  The first B-Side had a nice melody but MiChi’s vocals really needed to be a bit louder and stronger. At the same time, her cover could use some work, namely in her vocals. Overall though, I did love the title track and feel like the B-Sides weren’t truly horrific, I just don’t particularly care for them all that much. This single as a whole could have been better, at the same time, it could have been a lot worse. I just wonder when she’s gonna release a new album, I have liked her latest releases a lot. And might I add that MiChi looks stunning! She’s absolutely breathtaking and looking magnificent for this single.



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  2. […] Find Your Way – Gold Hikari Die is feeling lukewarm about MiChi’s latest. […]

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