Darlin’ was BENI’s 13th single (21st overall). It was released on October 12, 2011 and reached no. 74 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. It was her final single in the Fortune Era.

BENI - Darlin'

1. Darlin’
2. Suki Dakara. (BACHLOGIC REMIX)
3. Anything Goes!! (DJ cool-k REMIX)
4. Darlin’ (Instrumental)

Given how recent her previous single was compared to this, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Darlin’. The best way to describe it is a mid-tempo pop song with a heavy synth arrangement. To be honest, it sounds rather childish and it’s far from great. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly a catchy song, but this isn’t a song that I would expect to hear from Beni. This isn’t her worst song, but I wouldn’t classify it as one of her better songs, definitely more average.

As for the remixes, they’re pretty damn good! The Bachlogic Remix of Suki Dakara. was actually really good. While the song’s still a bit slow, the arrangement is that of a mid-tempo dance song. I’m really loving that techno/dance feel, along with the constant percussion. Could be tweaked a bit and made more up-tempo, but it’d still say it’s an awesome remix.

I can’t quite remember what I thought of the original version of Anything Goes!!, found one her debut album as BENI, but I love it, and the same goes for this remix. And actually, this remix is like the original version, only slightly tweaked. There are some discs being scratched, a few interruptions, and a few extra additions. Definitely good, but it didn’t change all that much, still a great song though.


I’m honestly not sure why this was released as a single. It’s not really all that great, maybe it was to help promote the album??? Beni needs better promotion from her label, but this still was still average really. I miss the days of her really good singles, like from her first album, all were just astounding. Anyway, not her best single, I feel like it just sticks out like a sore thumb honestly, it’s just kinda there and looks painful (kinda useless as well). Stay turned for the album review, in less than a week hopefully! (I am catching up!!!) And I’m not a big fan of the cover, her hair looks a bit too messy for my taste.



3 Responses to “Darlin’”
  1. Mae-Anne says:

    I quite like this song! Thank you for the review! 😀

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