Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl

Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl was BENI’s 12th single (20th overall). It was released on September 14, 2011 and reached no. 49 on the Oricon Charts with 1,417 copies sold.

BENI - Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl

1. Koe wo Kikasete
2. crazy girl
3. Koe wo Kikasete (Instrumental)
4. crazy girl (Instrumental)

I wasn’t expecting BENI to release another single so quickly after her last one, but she did, and I’m glad.
Koe wo Kikasete is ballad, and not a bad one either. A bit long, yet still lovely. Definitely more raw than some of her other ballads. The instrumental composition is quite quaint. Her vocals are a rather gentle as well, she still puts some emotion in her vocals as well as pulls off some slightly higher notes, but it’s nothing to rave about. While it can be boring at first and slow, it’s still not a terrible ballad. That being said, she could have selected a better one I feel, this song isn’t up to par with some of her other hit ballads.

I must admit though, crazy girl is by far, a lot better than the ballad. Like the title, this song is a bit crazy. It features a club-banger arrangement filled with various party elements. The music is infectious, energetic, and mostly fierce. It’s definitely the highlight of this single. I’m in love with all of the dance elements, including some of the distortions, the music, and the beats. One of her better songs to be released as a single lately.


I would say that this is definitely a solid release from BENI. You’ve got a good ballad, and a phenomenal dance track. Granted she could’ve done without the ballad because she released one already, but this still isn’t bad, perhaps if it were a bit less generic. Either way, it’s a great single. I personally loved crazy girl, by far more energetic and fun. I’m not all that sure what’s going on with BENI and her wardrobe, it’s really quite bad, as well as the angle, but at least the single wasn’t bad. Could use a tweak or two, but definitely a step in the right direction, I just wish she would get more publicity and perform live more. One more single to go before her album Fortune!



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  1. […] ballad One In A Million. Both were quite enjoyable, the best songs from the singles. Next was Koe wo Kikasete and crazy girl. The first was mediocre ballad IMO, the latter was definitely more of a party song […]

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