Blog Stats July 2011

Welcome to yet another edition of the monthly blog stats. I’m starting to wonder if anyone reads these, or the site for that matter. A few comments that aren’t spam now and then wouldn’t be so bad. *hint hint * Anyway, July was actually a good month. It was the first time since March that the site hit over 2K views, so yay!!! Hopefully viewership will start to return to normal. I just finished my online summer classes, too bad classes start in exactly 3 weeks. I still plan to be active if possible, I’m not going to be taking 23 credits, so school shouldn’t be as stressful to say the least. Anyway, time for the stats!

Views This Month: 2,136
Most Popular Posts: I AM THE BEST, UGLY, Thank you, Love

Not a lot of stats, oh well!

Upcoming Review: Maki Goto’s two new singles! Namie Amuro’s Triple A-Side! Aoyama & YUI. Koda Kumi’s Summer Single! And more. Stay tuned!!!

And if there’s anything that I’m missing review-wise, comment and tell me, and I’ll review it, or try to at least! Thanks again!

One Response to “Blog Stats July 2011”
  1. NyNy says:

    Will you do one in 2013?

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