BELIEVE was Miliyah Kato & Shota Shizuma’s 3rd collaboration single (Miliyah’s 22nd overall). It was released on July 13, 2011 and debuted at no. 9 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 12,000+ copies sold.

BELIEVE -     Kato Miliyah × Shimizu Shota

2. My love goes on
3. Love Forever (DAISHI DANCE REMIX)
4. BELIEVE (Instrumental)

When I heard BELIEVE was going to be released, I was thrilled. I loved their first collaboration, their second could have used some work, but I loved it, and I figured that this song would be no different. I’m proud to say that it’s another moving ballad, this time though, a bit more synth infused, still R&B though. As with any synth ballad, it’s pretty much perfect; the piano chords mixed with all of the R&B beats sounds magical. Their vocals go together so well, maybe it’s because this is their third collaboration, either way, they just sound harmonious. I won’t lie though, there were some parts that had me thinking “was that it? I kinda want more.” Not necessarily that it was that good, but that it was missing something. I still love this song, but I’m still wondering when the explosion of infectiousness will come into play. Still quite catchy, but it’s lacking something.

My love goes on is another collaboration from the two. It’s similar to the previous song in that it features a heavy synth arrangement along with piano chords. This time, Shota shows off his rapping skills, and they complement Miliyah’s vocals quite well. This song sounds a bit more serious and a little sadder than BELIEVE, but I would say that it’s still a good song. Their English wasn’t bad at all either, it was pretty good. I would like to see this on their next albums, it’s a solid song.

I personally LOVE remixes from DAISHI DANCE. Most of the remixes, or songs produced by him, feature pianos, strings, along with a good amount of synth, not to mention they have a heavy dance sound. It’s a combination that you can’t beat for the most part. So when I heard Love Forever would be remixed by DAISHI DANCE I was ecstatic. This remix is over 7 minutes long, and I honestly don’t mind initially because the instrumentals are so good (and oriental sounding). But once I listen to it, the song basically only features the chorus which is played 3 times, and then the rest is just the instrumental. Does it sound nice? Tes, but do I want to listen to it again? Not really. I love the instrumentals, but this remix is just disappointing to be honest with you. There was a lot of potential, but ultimately it only managed to disappoint.


Another wonderful collaboration single from this lovely duo (a lot better than their last collaboration). This single is original, classy, and perfect. This is another great single for both of them to add to their discography. As I said before, R&B is hot in Japan right now, and this is another prime example. I love that it’s a true collaboration single and that it features more than one song. The B-Side was great, and although the remix could have used some work, it’s not the worst remix. I wouldn’t mind hearing a DAISHI DANCE remix for the title track, I can only imagine how good it would be. After this single, I’m looking forward to what each will release next, hopefully Miliyah’s latest album will feature at least one new track.

On a side-note, she actually looks decent on this cover, still pouty but not nearly as unique shall we say.



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