WITHOUT U feat. 4minute

WITHOUT U feat. 4minute was Aoyama Thelma’s 13th single. It was released on May 25, 2011 and debuted at no. 125 on the Oricon Weekly Charts.

WITHOUT U feat. 4minute - Aoyama Thelma

1. Intro
2. WITHOUT U feat. 4minute
3. Fallen Angel
4. my sweetest sin
5. WITHOUT U feat. 4minute (Instrumental)

So I figured that it’d be good to finish reviewing Thelma’s singles before I review the album, which should be sometime next week by the latest hopefully.

The one major confusing thing was that Thelma released this single, and a special album entitled LOVE STORY earlier in May. Although it was released in most oriental Asian countries but Japan, it still featured the songs that are on this single. It confused me, but I later understood it I still don’t see why the album was released, but it’s all good.

Not sure why there’s an Intro, but there is. At least it’s nice. Got some great piano chords, a solid percussion, and some nice male vocals. Sounds rather epic and kinda dark, makes me wish they turned it into a full fledged song.

I was really wishing that WITHOUT U feat. 4minute was going to be a start studded R&B song. It ended up being an R&B semi-ballad. Definitely not bad at all though. The mid-tempo arrangement, the R&B beats infused with the piano chords were just flawless. And the rapping/singing from 4minute was actually pretty good, although they sounded a little nasally during the chorus. The song goes by fairly quickly and it leaves me wanting more. A step up from her previous title track, a lot catchier as well. Great duet (can you call it one)? Those Korean groups are starting to invade Japan, what’s next?!?!

I was really happy with Fallen Angel. This full fledged R&B tune has does feature some ballad elements such as the piano, but is true to Aoyama’s R&B roots. And while it was a great R&B song, I wasn’t expecting the male vocals, not sure whose they were, but they went well with the song. The vocal distortions at the end were awesome, I love vocoders! Her vocals were amazing as always, great use of power and emotion.

my sweetest sin wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a ballad, but the song turned out to be an up-beat R&B analog-like track. The analog sound is just nostalgic, almost reminds me of Hikki’s Nijiiro BUS. The instrumentals are really good, there’s just about every instrument jam packed into this song. You have pianos, percussion, synth riffs, and some strings; there’s a lot going on. If you love English songs, then this is the song for you. Not only is her English perfect and fluid, but it sounds good as well. As for her vocals, lovely as always. I always love the emotion that resonates from her songs.


This single was a lot better than I thought. And I can honestly say that I liked ALL of the songs. Her R&B singles are some of her best singles IMO, if not better than her up-beat singles. And because this single had one sound, it was very fluid and consistent. There’s nothing that I would really change, maybe a few tweaks here and there, but nothing big. I wish I would have loved all of the tracks, but I’m definitely not fuming any of them, and I’ll definitely keep listening to them. Not sure what else to say. Give it a listen before you get her latest album, you won’t be sorry. A wonderful way to finish her WILL Era.



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