Suki Dakara.

Suki Dakara. was BENI’s 11th single (19th overall). It was released on June 8, 2011 and debuted at no. 46 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 1,761 copies sold.

Suki Dakara. - BENI

1. Suki Dakara.
2. One In A Million
3. Suki Dakara. (Instrumental)
4. One In A Million (Instrumental)

Although it may seem as though I really don’t like music anymore, after the last three reviews, this single gives me something to smile about. Beni’s latest album wasn’t all that great, time was a huge factor, but now she’s waited another 6 months to release Suki Dakara. While this song is a ballad, it’s far more enjoyable then the last few ballads I’ve listened to. This ballad is more of a very light R&B ballad, which oddly enough makes the song a lot more enjoyable. The classical elements such as the piano chords and strings are still present, and that too makes the song that more enjoyable, especially mixed with the light R&B elements. Beni’s vocals are just incredible too. Not only does she show that she has some range, but she has great emotion and power throughout the song.

One In A Million is a true R&B ballad, and an excellent B-Side as well. There’s far more synth in this ballad, and not as many classical elements; it’s almost a complete opposite of the title track. There are some piano chords, oriental strings, thumping beats, and synth riffs; a flawless combination. The mid-tempo arrangement and Beni’s vocals form a symphony of harmony. I think the song could have been a bit faster and slightly more aggressive, but as a ballad it’s lovely. Her vocals are great as always, and I loved her ad-libbing at the end.


This single is a huge improvement from her disaster of an album Jewel. And despite the huge font on the cover, the single cover looks amazing! Beni seriously looks so much better than she did during her Jewel Era (She should definitely keep her hair like that). As for the single, amazing single. The title track could have been a bit more catchy, but overall I can’t really complain. The melody was wonderful, the music was great, and Beni’s vocals made me want to hear more. The B-Side was great as well. I would’ve liked for it to be a bit more aggressive, like 2FACE, but I’m fine with her R&B ballads if they’re as good as this. There could have been some minor changes and a bit more of a wow factor, but overall superb. Amazing single, especially if you love some R&B ballads. Truly an unforgettable single, prefect for Beni’s new era.



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