Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori

Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori was Perfume’s 18th single. It was released on May 18, 2011 and debuted at no. 2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 93,828 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 118,541+ copies. It was released in a limited edition CD+DVD edition, as well as a regular CD-Only edition.

Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori - Perfume

1. Laser Beam
2. Kasuka na Kaori
3. Laser Beam -Original Instrumental-
4. Kasuka na Kaori -Original Instrumental-

Let’s be honest, Perfume’s last few singles have been rather lackluster at best, IMO at least. As for Laser Beam, I was excited because I loved the title, but as for the song, I’m currently lost. It’s got that typical electro-pop/idol sound, but it’s not nearly as memorable, or as catchy as their previous singles. The up-tempo music isn’t bad at all, neither are all the electronic elements and distortions, but this song seems so random. It doesn’t really catch my attention, I feel like it’s mediocre at best.

While I cannot say that Kasuka na Kaori is much catchier, it is by far more memorable. In addition to the lovely electronic elements, there are some beautiful piano chords featured in this song. The heavy electronic music, along with Perfume’s oh so sweet vocals are a real treat. This song seems far more up-beat and far more happy then the other song, so that’s a huge plus. At the same time, the vocals seem a tad bit boring, but at least they sing in great harmony.


At this point, I’m just hoping Perfume can come up with a one final single that blows me away. Lately it seems like their singles are just lacking. Maybe they need to try some more up-tempo songs, something a lot faster would be a lot better. That, and they just need to come out with some catchy music!!!! Hopefully they release another single to make up for this one. The one redeeming quality of this single is the cover and the promo shot, it reminds me of vampires a bit.



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