LET’S PARTY! / 23 was Aoyama Thelma’s 11th single. It was released on October 27, 2010 and reached no. 167 on the Oricon Charts and sold 447 copies. This is currently her lowest selling single.

LET'S PARTY! / 23 - Aoyama Thelma

2. 23
4. LET’S PARTY! (Instrumental)
5. 23 (Instrumental)

I’m pretty sad to hear that this is Thelma’s lowest single, especially since I LOVE one of the songs so much.

The first track off this single is LET’S PARTY! I was initially skeptical about it, but after a while, it grew on me. This feel good song is just what the doctor ordered. It’s up-beat, has an excellent brass section, and it’s pretty damn catchy. To some degree it sounds a little islandy, at least it gives off that vibe. It has a great message, which I love, and it’s just plain fun.

23 is my favorite track hands down. Despite sounding very up-beat and somewhat fast, the song to me is rather sad. The keyboard chords, percussion, the beats, and the uptempo synth make of a flawless combination that’s a treat for the ears. The song is one of the most memorable songs that I’ve heard in a while, and it never gets old. It’s almost borderline dance infectiousness, that’s how catchy it is. And I love the lyrics, so beautiful. This is my favorite song from Thelma.

IT’S BREAKOUT sounds really similar to the first title track, namely because of the brass section, but it still has a different vibe. There’s a guy in the background, and the song has more of a slight hip-hop vibe. Not the most memorable, but it’s not a total fail. It’s still a decent track, but definitely B-Side material.


I didn’t really expect to like this single, or any from Thelma, I still dislike the fact that she stopped Hikki from being no. 1. I can’t deny that this single is good though. The title tracks are both up-beat and unforgettable. The one is up-beat and energetic, while the other is up-beat and almost dance like. I personally love both of them and I’m thrilled to see that they were both added to her latest studio album. An excellent single and a fantastic way to kick off her newest album.



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