For You

For You was Rie fu’s 13th single. It was released on February 16, 2011 and debuted at no. 72 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 1,131 copies sold. The title track was used as ending theme song for the anime Wandering Son.

For You - Rie fu

1. For You
2. Come on Come on ~Rie fu no Eikaiwa Kouza~
3. One-Bite
4. For You ~Instrumental~

Exams begin next week, I hope you get why I haven’t posted in so long. I promise that I will catch up in May! ( I wrote this before exams if you couldn’t tell)

So For You is another classic Rie fu song. It’s an up-beat pop-folk song. Very harmonious instruments and great vocals. The song features some guitars, pianos, acoustic guitars, and some synth even! Not sure who the producer is, but it’s a great song. It’s extremely catchy, her English is flawless yet again; and the music sounds so spirited and perfect.

Come on Come on ~Rie fu no Eikaiwa Kouza~ has a bit more of a rock persona, yet still stays true to her folk roots. The song is blissful and perfect for the summer IMO. It’s similar to the title track, just a bit more up-beat and a bit more percussion oriented.

One-Bite really blew me away. I was expecting another folk song, but it turned out to be a flawless ballad. It’s truly been a while since I’ve heard a spectacular ballad from Rie fu, easily 2 years. This ballad was breathtaking. The classical music was inspiring, and the strings and piano were amazing. What I loved even more though, were Rie fu’s vocals. They were the epitome of beauty, and a delight to hear.


So her last single was released almost two years before this one, and she’s come a long way since then. This single was incredibly refreshing. Although I loved her synth styled music, I did miss some of her folk songs. The two folk-pop songs were just wonderful. Again, refreshing and perfect for the summer, despite being released in February, you can tell that I’ve been busy….. But year, great single, I seriously cannot wait till her next single!




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