MAGAZINE was Meisa Kuroki’s debut studio album. It was released on January 26, 2011 and reached no. 6 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 16,238 copies sold. In all it has sold over 22,319+ copies. It was released in three versions, a limited CD+DVD A edition, a limited CD+DVD B edition, and finally a CD-Only edition.

MAGAZINE - Meisa Kuroki

1. Intro -MAGAZINE-
2. LOL!
6. SHOCK -Unmei-
7. Say Good Night☆
8. As I Am
9. Why??
10. Loneliness
12. Wasted
13. 5 -FIVE-
14. Somewhere…

nullThis is my first review of Meisa, but it’s not the first thing I’ve heard from her. I’ve heard both her mini-albums, but I didn’t want to review them. When this was released though, I knew I had to review it. And although this is my first review of Meisa, it’s not the first thing I’ve heard from her; it’s just something that I wanted to review. Keep in mind that she’s a model turned actress turned, so her singing chops might not be up to par with some veteran artists. And this is going to be a magazine style review, no pun for those of you that can craft one….

So Meisa waited almost two years to release a proper studio album, was it worth the wait? Guess we’ll have to see. The album is most definitely classifies as a modern, synth driven album. Most of the songs involve some form of synth, as well as auto-tune to some degree; just warning those who don’t care for some auto-tune. Anyway, there’s a bunch of fantastic songs, some fierce and some energetic. Her singles include SHOCK -Unmei-, the classical-infused, energetic synth sensation. It’s the catchiest of all her singles so far, and the oldest by far; still impressive though. Her other singles include 5 -FIVE- it’s fairly catchy, still synth driven, but much happier and not nearly as dark as her first single. LOL! was also on the album, not really a favorite of mine, but it does use a lot of English. If only it were more catchy, and used less auto-tune, and sounded less annoying.

nullThose were the singles, but now we come to the album-only tracks. Intro -MAGAZINE- is pretty interesting, not the best intro, that honor still belongs to Kuu, but I did love the mysterious/sexy sound it had. Luckily that’s just the intro, the album has a whole lot more to offer. There were some hot and just plain FIERCE tracks such as CELEBRATE, my favorite on the album, just f***ing infectious, and tons of synth. The chorus was out of this world, everything about this song screams HOT! If you listen to one track, it better be that one. Despite Say Good Night☆ being a mid-tempo synth ballad, it was still pretty damn hot. Even with all the strings and piano chords, the song was still infectious. Her vocals were great too, and it provided some variety on the album. Other hot tracks include As I Am, a fusion of hip-hop/electric/synth, as well as Loneliness, ordinary but it still sounds pretty hot and synth driven. BYE BYE MY FRIEND follows the same trend, synth driven and this time, some choppy beats. SWITCH is synth driven as well, still kinda edgy, reminiscent of Are Ya Ready? although not nearly as catchy.

Wasted is Meisa’s rock song, although not nearly as catchy as her other tracks, it does sound more original and refreshing compared to the other tracks. Somewhere… is a wonderful ballad, mid-tempo, great beats, and some superb synth riffs. I wish her vocals had a bit more power and emotion, but it’s not all that bad. Why?? as it turns out is also a ballad, which features the strings and piano chords, much better than the usual synth riffs. And at least there was some variety, vocal wise at least. And for some reason,  I just love the title LOVEHOLIC, not sure why, but I do. It’s a lot choppier than the previous tracks, and it slightly diverges from the synth arrangement, it’s more Hip-Hop I guess you could say, kinda a fail though sadly.


Once you get past the fact that most of the songs on the album stay the same, you can begin to appreciate all of the differences. It had a central theme of synth obviously, the music sounded almost edgy and similar to American music in a way, well, Japanese American music, you get what I’m saying? This album has its fair share of good and bad songs. It’s not a terrible debut album considering she was first a model, turned actress, turned singer. The only thing I would’ve liked to be different would’ve been the vocals. She needs to get some power and emotion behind them, seriously, and maybe get some different types of music as well. For now though, good job Meisa, hopefully your new stuff will be an improvement.



Favorite Songs
CELEBRATE ||SHOCK -Unmei || Say Good Night☆


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