Gloria was Maki Goto’s 3rd mini-album, 2nd under her name. It was released January 12, 2010 and debuted at no. 12 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 7,166 copies sold. It was released in three versions, a CD+DVD edition, a CD-Only edition, and a limited Don Quijote CD+DVD edition.

Gloria - Maki Goto

1. Ashiato
2. Hanataba
3. Koi Hitoyo
4. Fake
5. Age♂Kyoku

nullThis mini-album was probably the most anticipated thing for me in January, as well as the new year. It’s been less than 6 months since her previous studio album but I was still dying to hear this mini-album.

The pomo track entitled Ashiato kicks off the mini-album. Right away, you’ll notice that it’s a departure from her usual dance, R&B, pop music. Instead, it’s more of a rock song, featuring the electric guitar and percussion. That being said, the song still remains mainly up-beat. Not what you might expect from Maki, but high-quality and catchy nonetheless.

Hanataba is more of a cheerful semi-ballad. The piano chords mixed with the percussion, and slightly synth music, as well as the acoustic guitar create an wonderful symphony. It’s rather cheery and joyous, not her best work, but far from her worst.

As it turns out, Koi Hitoyo is a cover, the original artist was Kudo Shizuka. I’m not quite sure how the original sounds, but if it sounds half as good as this version, it has to be good. This rendition is mostly acoustic based, and has some catchy beats. Not a bad acoustic ballad.

Somehow, Fake turned out to be a rocker. It sounded a little dark, but a true and impressive rock song. Filled with seemingly angry guitar riffs, aggressive percussion, and foreboding synth, this song promises to either scare or rock you. Even her vocals sound pretty angry, great use of emotion in the vocals, something I love to hear from Maki. This was one of my favorites on the mini-album, mostly because it’s so different.

The final song is none other than Age♂Kyoku. At first, it sounds like another rock song, but then it sounds more synth driven; in reality, it’s more of a fusion of aggressive rock music with some killer synth/dance music. It’s more up-tempo than her other tracks, and that might be why it’s my favorite song. I think it’s because of the overly infectious chorus, with features flashy synth riffs and some almost trance-like music. That, and I loved her vocals; easily one of the best songs on the mini-album, as well as my favorite.


Once you get over the fact that this is a departure from all her previous works, you can begin to appreciate it. This is a hell of a lot better than her pre-avex days. At the same time, I still think that her SWEET BLACK work was superior to this mini-album. Sadly, only one track jumped out at me as a stunning song. This mini-album is going to have something that most everyone will like. I do wish that maybe she spent more time on this, or released some powerful song like her SWEET BLACK work. I can’t complain all that much though. It’s pretty high quality stuff, and I will remember the songs featured. Keep working Maki! Give us some real singles and an album!!! One final thing, OMG, she looked AMAZING on the cover, the end.



Favorite Songs
Fake ||Age♂Kyoku || Ashiato

2 Responses to “Gloria”
  1. BANZAI says:

    Thanks for all yur hard work and posting reviews! I know it’s stressful during college so I appreciate it!

    Fake and Age Kyoku are amazing!

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  1. […] and it’s superb quality. Finishing the entire album and keeping up with the rock music is Ashiato. Despite being a rock song, it’s quite up-beat, and it’s quite refreshing after hearing […]

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