JUJU was JUJU’s 3rd album. It was released on March 17, 2010 and reached no. 2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold over 137,234+ copies. It was released in a limited 2CD edition as well as a regular CD-Only edition.


2. Sakura Ame
3. Ashita ga Kuru Nara
4. round & round
5. 37℃
6. Itsukaraka… Zutto
7. Soba ni Ite
8. I never knew ~Moshimo Jikan ga Modoseru Nara~
9. S.H.E.
10. Gerbera no Hana
12. Hontou wa feat. MONCH (RamWire)
13. bouquet
14. Yoru no Hate
15. Take Me Higher

As it turns out, I started this review back in April, and as you can see with it being January 2011, I have fallen behind. For the sac of reviewing this thing and finishing it so that I can do the mega-review, it is going to be significantly shorter than usual. It’s going to be somewhat a magazine style review, similar to that of YUI’s album.

First off, you have the singles that she released. The first was the superb collaboration with JAY’ED entitled Ashita ga Kuru Nara. It’s one of the hottest tracks on the album, and perhaps her greatest R&B ballad to date, not to mention her catchiest. PRESENT was a cheery ballad, classical too. Her final single included four A-Sides, only three are present on the album. Sakura Ame was a mid-tempo oriental ballad, READY FOR LOVE was a synth-infused pop song, and finally, the dramatic ballad, S.H.E. So those were the singles, most were good and memorable.

Those were the singles, but the album tracks were pretty good as well. My personal favorite turned out to be GIRLS NEVER GIVE UP, which turned out to be a heavier, faster, synthed up dance version of READY FOR LOVE; one of the most infectious tracks on the album. Hontou wa feat. MONCH aka RamWire was another hot track; for those of you that don’t know, RamWire is a DJ that produces dance/electronic music. It’s characterized by smooth synth R&B style beats, and synth riffs, soft guitar riffs, and a funky melody. Those were the hottest tracks, the others are mostly ballads.

Not sure what’s up with 37℃ but it’s a wonderful ballad, great vocals by JUJU, and a classical arrangement with some great percussion. Itsukaraka… Zutto is an amazing rock ballad, which almost sounds country at a few points; great melody and pretty catchy actually. I never knew ~Moshimo Jikan ga Modoseru Nara~ turned out to be memorable, if not for the piano chords, then for the synth-infused music, and the fact that it was a ballad. There were some classy, typical ballads as well such as  Soba ni Ite, bouquet and Yoru no Hate.  And you had some songs that were jazzy-esque ballads, such as Take Me Higher, Gerbera no Hana, and round & round; each was unique in it’s own way, but the overall sound was similar.


Overall, I can honestly say that I’m not all that impressed. I definitely like all the sounds I heard, but I do wish there were more up-beat tracks on the album. That being said, it wasn’t a horrible album, just not my favorite from JUJU. If anything, I have to like this album because it did have some amazing tracks. I just wish there was more variety. However, the songs were very high quality and most were memorable. It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse as well. A lovely album if nothing else, not bad for her 1st album of the 2010 year.


Favorite Songs


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