HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN was YUI’s 4th studio album. It was released on July 14, 2010 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Charts with 184,952 copies sold. In all, this album has sold over 309,253+ copies. It was released in a limited CD+DVD edition, as well as a regular CD edition. This album’s title was borrowed from the Sex Pistols’ single of the same name, unlike her usual albums which are titled after The Beatles’ singles.


1. to Mother
2. again
3. Parade
5. Shake My Heart
7. I do it
8. Please Stay With Me
9. Summer Song
10. Cinnamon
11. Driving Happy Life
12. It’s all too much
13. Kiss me

nullIn all honesty, I have no idea as to why I decided to review this album. When it comes to YUI, I usually love her singles from the era, but I always think the album is bland. And it’s usually because artists like YUI, who usually play one main instrument, only feature one genre on the album. Say what you’d like about pop music, but there’s always a degree of variety, at least in J-Pop anyway. Therefore, this review will be a magazine style review, hopefully.

Let’s get this out of the way, IMO this album is bland. It reminds me of her previous studio album, because there’s no variety, or not what I would consider variety anyway. All you might have guessed, it’s all rock. Don’t get me wrong, there were great songs. I loved again, it was a spectacular single, the energy was great, and it was catchy, not to mention very up-tempo. And yeah, I loved GLORIA too; I loved it mostly due to the wonderful string instruments present, and because it was catchy, and memorable. At least to Mother was a ballad, the only one of two on the entire album. Even Summer Song was good, namely because it’s memorable; although I wouldn’t listen to it for hours upon end. What’s my point though? These are all singles, and the only ones that are remotely memorable. Songs can be good, but if you can’t remember them then how good can they really be if they get lost within the clutter.

The most notable new song was Please Stay With Me, which was the final ballad. Granted it was different than the other songs, so you could remember it. But as far as ballads go, it didn’t really stand out to me, even though it was a rock ballad. There were some notable songs like Cinnamon, it was up-beat and happy, as well as, which features some strings and a heavy, loud electric guitar and some piano chords. All of the other songs get lost, there’s not that much to remember sadly. Even the self-cover I do it, the song she originally wrote for Stereopony, is forgettable. If you asked me the lyrics of her mid-tempo song Driving Happy Life, I wouldn’t be able to say anything.


I’m guessing you know how I feel about this album. This album isn’t a terrible album, I wouldn’t go bashing it. But I have to be honest, I wouldn’t put this anywhere close to my top albums. I haven’t even added this album to my ipod, a rarity for me. Maybe I just like regular pop music too much because the artists typically feature a different array of genres as opposed to one. Maybe that’s why I don’t really care for rock albums, or any albums that don’t have much diversity whatsoever. I can appreciate the album because she writes her own songs, but as a fan, I don’t like it. I find this album to be dull, mediocre, and just forgettable; I can’t even remember half of the songs on the album featured as I write this. I hate to say it, but I’m losing faith in YUI, I haven’t even listened to her latest single. Perhaps she needs another short hiatus, or have some stronger album songs, or include the good B-Sides. This album makes me sad when I think about all the potential, but then again we all have our own opinions, and this is just mine.



Favorite Songs
GLORIA || again ||


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