Happy New Year 2011

For those in the states, it’s still New Years!!!! For those of you elsewhere, it’s probably already then next day, or the New Years is ending quickly. This is my very first post of the New Year 2011 and it’s time to get down to some business.

As you can see, the site has had some changes done. Oddly enough, the day I changed the theme, or the day after, it was late at night when I did change it, the number of views went through the roof, there were almost 300 hits. After my hiatus and series of breaks, the site hasn’t returned to its peak of hits per day. But it’s the new year and I hope that the views go up and that the site becomes better. I hope everyone has enjoyed the site for the almost, year full years it’s been active. I’m hoping for an even more successful fourth year and I’m hoping the reviews get more insightful and that people enjoy them more.

Also, the mega review will be coming, as soon as I finish reviewing everything from the past 2010 year, so get ready.

And on a personal note. My resolutions, as I’m sure all of us have.
1. Lose Weight, I’m going to have to try extra hard to do this.
2. Learn to Drive, this was up last year too, we’ll see how successful I am.
3. Post at least twice a week unless there’s nothing new.
4. Survive my 2nd semester of college, 20 or 23 credits nuff said.
5. Learn to Pick my Friends Better, had an incident with a good friend of mine; long story short, he was a selfish douche that treated me like shit and now we’re not speaking, and we’ll never be friends again.
6. Get more of a social life when I’m home from college.

And for some blog stats. There were 3,848 views in December 2010. It was a 3 month high after a slump. 47,859 views for the entire year, nearly down 20,000 from last year, let’s fix that xD I’m hoping to get the site back to its glory days. So keep reading!!!!


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