LOVE is. e.p

LOVE is. e.p was MiChi’s 7th single. It was released on December 22, 2010.

LOVE is. e.p - MiChi

1. LOVE is.

I’m guessing that this is a single, the title has me confused, but we’ll just pretend that it’s a single. Sound good? K. Awesome.

Let’s get down to it. The title track LOVE is. is honestly, FIERCE!!! Seriously though, it’s pretty damn good. It’s a typical MiChi song, dance friendly, and actually, very much a dance song. It utilizes some choppy but great beats during the verses. The music does sound a bit choppy with the beats during the verses, but come the chorus, it’s a different story. It’s faster, more synth and slightly rock driven; and naturally there’s a good bit of English. This song reminds me a bit of everything she’s released, well her UP TO YOU singles anyway, the overall sound of it. Most infectious song to date IMO, and I love that it’s so long, gives you a lot to listen to.

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! is even more of a dance song, almost a hybrid of a dance and rock song; namely due to the guitar riffs and percussion, but it still retains the dance elements. The up-tempo arrangement mixed with the quicker than usual vocals from MiChi prove to be a flawless combination. At first I really didn’t care about the song, but there’s something about the “YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!” part that I love so much. And the distortions were pretty cool as well.

The weirdest of songs, and least favorite of mine was JUMP ON IT. As much as I love songs in English, I can’t like this song. It’s just so weird, the “jump, jump, jump….” in the background was annoying. The lyrics were interesting, I was surprised that she used alcohol etc. in the lyrics. Not my favorite, even with the muffled vocals. It could have been a lot catchy and a lot less repetitive. Still a club/dance song nonetheless, just not all that great.

Turns out that the final song PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) is a cover. I’ve never head the original and I honestly don’t plan to listen to it. I’m guessing the original was a rock song, which is just like this cover. I’m not really a fan of MiChi when she goes rock, which may be why I didn’t care for this. I didn’t really find this song all that memorable or catchy either. Not my favorite cover from MiCh.


I have to say that this is another great single from MiChi. Despite me not liking the last half of the single, it’s still better than her last single, which was a horrible collaboration IMO. The title track was pretty awesome, a nice dance song, perfect to ring in the new year. If you don’t like anything about this single, you can at least appreciate the chubby cat. It kept with MiChi’s traditional synth-infused music style; that was one of my favorite parts. One of my favorite singles of the year, if anything it’s because it’s so infectious!



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