LOVE ~Singles Best 2005-2010~

LOVE ~Singles Best 2005-2010~ was Yuna Ito’s first compilation album. It was released on December 8, 2010 and debuted at no. 8 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 20,662 copies sold. In all, this album has sold over 30,942+ copies. It was released in a CD+DVD edition, a 2CD edition, and a CD-Only edition.

Yuna Ito - LOVE ~Singles Best 2005-2010~

Disc 1
1. Mamotte Agetai
2. Let it Go
3. Ima Demo Aitai yo… (feat. Spontania)
4. trust you
5. Koi wa groovy×2
6. miss you
7. Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~
8. Urban Mermaid
9. Mahaloha (with Micro of Def Tech)
10. I’m Here
11. Truth
12. losin’
13. stuck on you
14. Precious
15. Pureyes
16. Faith
Disc 2
1. Hard to Say I’m Sorry (Chicago Cover)
2. She (Elvis Costello Cover)
3. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith Cover)
4. MY HEART WILL GO ON (Celine Dion Cover)
5. These boots are made for walkin’ (Nancy Sinatra Cover)
6. Hero (Mariah Carey Cover)

Being Yuna’s first compilation album, I was ecstatic to get my hands on it, more so because of the second disc. But why you may ask? Because it has covers of amazing American music that I love, minus one I think. Anyway, it includes all of her singles as well as the covers. There’s something to like on this album for everyone. Since this is a compilation album, I’m going to breeze through all the songs, this review is to give you a rough feel for it, not too in-depth, sorry for those of you who like it. Time for the review!

nullThe singles featured only on this album are Mamotte Agetai and Let it Go. The first is a ballad, very traditional, and honestly very lackluster. But, the latter was produced by the ex guitarist of Superfly, and it has a very distinct acoustic sound. It’s pretty damn catchy too, and her vocals are amazing!

Now we come to her DREAM Era. The first single was miss you. It honestly sounds like a heart wrenching, beach ballad. Very emotional and lovely, a strong starter for her album. But then we had Koi wa groovy×2. It was extremely up-beat, cheery, up-tempo and just plain damn infectious. The best part though, her amazing and grown up vocals, such power. We can’t forget about trust you though, aka the Gundam 00 song. The song is just epic with the modern/classical arrangement, powerful vocals and the music of the beautiful ballad. She also included Ima Demo Aitai yo… It’s still my favorite song from Yuna. It’s a classical, yet up-tempo ballad. And I love the fact that it’s so catchy, an awesome song YOU MUST LISTEN TO!!!!

nullNow we get into new territory for me. I didn’t listen to Yuna prior to her DREAM Era, so I don’t know many of her songs released earlier. Anyway, she kicked off the era with I’m Here. It’s not a bad song, somewhat catchy actually. Wasn’t expecting the aggressive strings though, but maybe that’s cause the song is up-tempo??? Mahaloha was a pretty sunny tune, definite Hawaiian. It was pure acoustic bliss, a wonderful lighthearted tune; not the most memorable IMO. The cheesiest song of all, Urban Mermaid. Don’t get me wrong, it was catchy, but the whole “I’m a beautiful mermaid” line made me cringe. Other than that it was great, still catchy, and up-beat and I loved the synth. Her most memorable song from this era was the collaboration with Céline Dion Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~A WORLD TO BELIEVE IN~. This classy duet is just stunning. The vocals compliment each other, and I just loved the sound of this ballad. It was steady, classical sounding, yet still modern. And it has Céline Dion in it, how can you not love it?

Her debut album was released during the height of her popularity, so how could you not like the singles of this era? Her debut single was ENDLESS STORY. I didn’t care for it when I first listened to it years ago, but I can say that after giving it another shot, it does sound beautiful. It certainly is an epic ballad, especially with the guitar solo. Not my favorite, but good enough. It was probably so popular because of NANA, amazing manga and anime series, as well as movie apparently. As it so happens, Truth was also used in a NANA film. It’s another ballad, classical with the strings, but modern with the electric guitar etc; didn’t stand out to me that much. Turns out that Faith is a stunning ballad, flutes, strings, acoustics and all. And Pureyes was an up-beat, up-tempo, snappy semi-ballad; the percussion sounded great. Both however, weren’t all that memorable or catchy. She did manage to release Precious though, which turned out to be a flawless ballad. It’s quite classy, and very catchy as well, and her vocals were amazing; that church bell was awesome too! She then released her theme singles, one hot, one cool. The hot single was stuck on you. It’s kinda a jazzy rock song with the brass and guitar, and the strings; not the most enjoyable. losin’ naturally, was the cool song. It’s actually a lot better sounding, it flows a lot better as well. It does move a bit faster, and did sound a little cool, a little cold actually. The up-tempo arrangement, and acoustic/synth music sounded excellent. Far superior to the Hot single.

nullThe reason why I wanted this album was because of the 2nd disc. I love hearing covers, especially when the singer can sing in English, none of this young BoA or Namie shit! My personal favorite was her cover of I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. Her English, as with all of her songs, is flawless. The arrangement is top notch, slightly more classical compared to the original, yet just as great. Great vocals with ton of power! Her rendition of MY HEART WILL GO ON was just spectacular, it got the attention of Céline Dion, that’s how good it is. I loved Hero as well, although it could have been better, then again no one will ever be as good as Mariah. Some more vocal variety would have helped, especially during those high notes. Her Chicago cover of Hard To Say I’m Sorry was excellent as well. Still an ultimate rock ballad IMO, just as great as the original. These boots are made for walkin’ was interesting to say the least. More modern and rock when compared to the original, and honestly, not as good. I just don’t think Yuna has the vocals for it, just my opinion. Never heard the original version of She, and I don’t plan to. I found it bland and boring, but music wise it was a classic ensemble that did sound lovely.


For her first compilation album, it was amazing. I might not have liked some of the songs on the album, but it did feature all of her singles, which is the point of the album. Like Hikki’s release though, it featured some new tracks, not many, but some new ones. I loved her DREAM Era and the singles, her others though were definitely up for debate. It really doesn’t matter how much I liked all the songs, because it’s her first compilation album, and it includes all of her singles. Her singles for the most part her great, most were catchy. And her covers were spectacular!!! I loved them, they were awesome. Her own power rock ballads were FIERCE!!! Maybe not fierce, but pretty damn good. Overall, an excellent compilation album. There’s not much to improve on, it included all of her singles and some wonderful covers.



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