2FACE was BENI’s 10th single (18th overall). It was released on November 24, 2010. It was limited to only 10,000 copies and came with a special towel. It was the final single prior to the release of her 3rd studio album under BENI entitled Jewel.


1. 2FACE
2. Heaven’s Door DJ HASEBE Remix
3. Yura Yura Jazztronik Remix
4. 2FACE (Instrumental)

I was stoked when I heard that Beni was releasing a new single. 2FACE is probably her catchiest single since…..well Yura Yura, hasn’t been that long, but you get the idea. It’s one fierce dance song. It’s very synth oriented, which is never a bad thing. Her vocals are great, especially her adlibbing throughout the song. I listened to this song 10 time in a row without thinking anything of it, it’s that damn infectious and catchy. The rhythm is insane and the beats are off the charts.

Don’t stop fallin’ in love baby, I said don’t stop yeah, I said don’t stop yeah

Finishing up the single are the remixes. I’m going to be honest when I say that I don’t enjoy the remixes all that much. I mean I normally love the DJ HASEBE remixes, but the Heaven’s Door remix was just weak. It could also be because the original was weak, even compared to her regular ballads. Yeah there was some percussion, but it wasn’t as dance friendly as I would have liked. Even the Mou Nido to…. and Sign remixes were great, but this remix is just so-so.

The Yura Yura remix was weak as well. This remix is a bit more jazzed up, well not really jazzed, more silly than anything. It sounds like a toddler put the remix together. It’s that bad. There are some nice beats and all but the music sounds silly.


I really can’t complain all that much about this single. I loved the title track, it’s hot, it’s fierce. My only problem with it was the fact that it sounded a bit too much like some of her other tracks, specifically Yura Yura. But I still think that song is awesome and it has a nice PV too. I didn’t expect much from the remixes so they didn’t disappoint all that much. I just hope that they’re not rushing the album, I think it’s too late but you never know. Impressive way to finish the Jewel Era.



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  1. […] really all that surprising. And oddly enough, it served as a great intro to her album, as well as 2FACE. Despite being a rather generic song, it’s pretty damn fierce. Gotta love Beni and all her […]

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