STRONGER feat. Kato Miliyah

STRONGER feat. Kato Miliyah was AI’s 23rd single. It was released on October 27, 2010.

STRONGER feat. Miliyah Kato - AI

1. STRONGER feat. Kato Miliyah
2. Let it go feat. Snoop Dogg
3. STRONGER feat. Kato Miliyah (Instrumental)
4. Let it go feat. Snoop Dogg (Instrumental)

So I’m not the biggest fan of AI, which is why I rarely listen to any of her music. But when I got word that she’d be releasing a song featuring Miliyah I had to listen to it. STRONGER is basically the hottest R&B collaboration in…….forever. It has some ballad, hip-hop, and finally R&B elements. The fusion of music and beats is just orgasmic. The synth riffs, the energetic beats, and the keyboard chords as well as percussion sound incredible; the strings are present too but not for that long. The song has great rhythm and an infectious chorus. The vocals of the two singers are just amazing. And I love the fact that Miliyah is singing and not just being left out like some collaborations. AI’s raspy voice complements Miliyah’s gentle-like voice. The ad-libbing towards the end was just phenomenal too.

What shocked me even more was the collab with Snoop Dogg. Threw me for a loop, but I must say that Let it go is just as amazing as STRONGER. The music is heavier when it comes to the synth but it’s still amazing. It’s also slower and more laid-back but with the music it sounds more epic, not that it sounds better, but the music sounds more like an epiphany. Snoop Dogg’s rap was pretty good too, not really a big fan but he was good. AI seriously sounded like a guy during the chorus but I loved it all the same. Didn’t really expect it to be this good. Even the distortions in the beginning were good.


This single is definitely one of my favorite singles of the year and one of the most solid by far. I didn’t see myself as liking a single like this but it’s just that good. Any R&B fan should give this single a try, it’s worth the time. There’s just something about the music, it induces that euphoric state. I might even have to give AI a shot now.


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