HEAVEN was Miliyah Kato’s 5th album. It was released on July 28, 2010 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 150,804 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 250,169+ copies. It was released in two editions, a limited edition CD+DVD edition that included a photobooklet and a regular CD-Only edition.

HEAVEN - Miliyah Kato

2. Last Love
3. I miss you
4. X.O.X.O.
6. Baby I See You feat. VERBAL
7. Sora
8. WHY
10. Endless Love
11. Sweet Angel
12. Destiny
13. B.F.F.
14. Don’t wanna let go
15. Silent Ocean
16. Owari Naki Kanashimi

null16 tracks is pretty long o.O so I’m going to try to condense the review while keeping it pretty informative.

Miliyah kicks things off with the up-beat and dance friendly BYE BYE. It’s one of my favorite tracks, very reminiscent of SAYONARA Baby. The infectious music and vocals were what made me fall in love with this song, I’m still wondering why the ending sounds so sad though. It might be because it leads into Last Love, which does sound depressing and full of melancholy. The song still sounds lovely, but it’s a sad lovely. Not my favorite track but tolerable.

It doesn’t matter too much though because it leads into the DAISHI DANCE produced track I miss you. True to its producer it utilizes the keyboard/piano along with dance/synth elements that sound incredible. The song has a carefree feel to it that flows pretty past but it’s just so damn catchy. Just as catchy and as incredible is X.O.X.O. It’s not as up-tempo as the previous track but the mid-tempo synth and beats do make for a hell of a combination. And the vocals don’t sound so bad either.

Now we get to the title track HEAVEN. It’s one of the most original tracks up to this point, I haven’t really heard anything like it before, which might be a good and bad thing. The beats and music sound choppy which doesn’t scream “amazing.” The mid-tempo setting doesn’t really do much for it either. Even when the chorus comes it’s not really all that exciting. The vocals sound like they’re being drowned out by the music, which shouldn’t happen. This is basically one of the worst title tracks ever, best to just press the skip button now.

However, much better than I expected was Baby I See You which features none other than VERBAL. And yes, VERBAL does rap a bit, but, it’s slow rap?!?!?! The song is actually a ballad, one of epic proportions too. The strings sound classical, the piano lovely, the percussion modern and classy, and the electric guitar was on fire1 And VERBAL’s rap actually sounded decent, it didn’t ruin the song which I loved. Much better than I thought it was going to be.

nullOMG I had no idea that Sora would be such a sexy track!!! And the thing is, it’s really only sexy during the chorus when all the synth lets loose, but it still sounds amazing. Don’t let the piano and innocent vocals fool you, once the chorus starts things get hot fast. Maybe hot’s too much of a stretch but the song does sound stellar. And besides, all the verses sound innocent so it’s a nice balance. And as far as WHY goes, it’s truly a FIERCE rock song, listen to it, it’s infectious! One of my favorite songs from Miliyah. Following is none other than FREE. It’s definitely a slower rock-esque song. Not really fast but it does feature some great beats. And it’s mostly rock from all the percussion used, it creates a nice contrast with the piano. At the same time it’s kinda R&B too, sorta a mixture of both really.

My favorite song of all on the album however is Endless Love, which is produced by none other than ☆TAKU, the other member of m-flo, as well as ravex. That being said the song is very beat heavy and reliant on synth beats. The music is up-tempo dance friendly which includes some synth strings, similar to Rie fu’s Romantic. The vocals are amazing, not really a wide range of vocals but they still sound lovely. If anything you should just listen to this song for the music alone, again very dance/synth driven.

Up next is an mid-tempo R&B ballad entitled Sweet Angel. It’s rather soft and gentle compared to many of the other songs, but filled with synth yet again as well as other traditional ballad elements. Destiny follows after and it’s a perfect compliment to the previous ballad. It’s a bit more beat and clap driven. The piano chords were just outstanding, I still can’t get over how amazing this song is. One of her catchiest songs ever.

Two rock songs appear next. B.F.F. and Don’t wanna let go. The first is very fast moving and uses a few synth elements in addition to the rock-esque music. The latter is more of a fusion of slow rock and some R&B, mostly because it sounds a little sad. However the dominant instrument is the percussion, giving it a little rock flare. Both are great, the first is slightly more memorable though.

Finishing up the album are two ballads. Silent Ocean is your traditional ballad, very melancholic sounding yet towards the end it does sound a bit more cheery. The acoustics and the strings along with Miliyah’s vocals was a treat, especially since there was some emotion behind her vocals. Owari Naki Kanashimi however sounds more up-beat and more like an R&B ballad filled with a symphony of synth. The vocals sound a bit more relaxed and not as sad, more happy than anything. THe R&B/synth elements turned this ballad into an astounding song. A perfect finish to a great album.


I really haven’t heard any other album from Miliyah but this one, but I can say that this is one solid album, much better than some of the other albums that the usual divas have been releasing. There was a great diversity as far as genre went. You had your rock songs, dance songs, up-beat and up-tempo songs, as well as your ballads, different types of ballads too. I loved the majority of the songs, I don’t think there were any that I couldn’t tolerate as opposed to some other albums. A stunning album, easily top 10 for the year.

Favorite Tracks
Endless Love || I miss you || Bye Bye



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