VOICE was Perfume’s 16th single. It was released on August 11, 2010 and reached no. 2 on the Oricon Charts with 84,911 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 114,188+ copies. This single was released in two editions, a limited edition CD+DVD version and a CD-Only version.

VOICE - Perfume

2. 575
3. VOICE -Original Instrumental-
4. 575 -Original Instrumental-

I can tell you right now that this review is going to be short.

First off, I was looking forward to VOICE, until I heard it. It does sound very Perfume-ish, but that’s not the problem. I wanted something that was catchy and effervescent, not mundane and ordinary. This is by far one of there worst singles. This song is only memorable because it’s so bad. There’s nothing special about it whatsoever.

The same goes for 575. This song isn’t as bad as VOICE but it’s just plain boring. It’s kind of like Negai but less energetic. This wasn’t what I was expecting from Perfume at all, I want some more Fushizen na Girl.


Basically for those that love Perfume’s energetic techno-idol style this single is going to be a letdown. For those that like the simple techno music that’s not quite catchy than this song is probably for you. This song wasn’t good in my opinion and a complete waste of space on my computer.




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