ONE was Maki Goto’s 2nd mini-album. It was released on July 28, 2010 and reached no. 10 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 11,547 copies sold. In all this min-album has sold over 14,050+ copies. It was released in a CD+DVD version, a CD-Only version and a limited edition CD+DVD version that was sold only in Don Quijote stores.

ONE (Limited Edition Cover) - Maki Goto

1. Houseki
3. Wagamama
4. Ienai Kedo
5. Hanauta

Basically college has been a blast so far and the only free time that I get is on the weekends. Moving onto the review….

nullSince this is a mini-album I don’t think this review is gonna be too too long. The first track up is Houseki which is a sweet little jewel, get it? Sorry for the pun, but it’s hard to resist. At first it’s rather sweet, soft and laid-back, but as the song progresses it slowly builds up to this club-friendly hit. While it’s not as aggressive as most club songs it does feature a heavy amount of electronic/synth, as well as the energetic beats. As far as her vocals go there’s hardly any variety, yet it still sounds wonderful. This song is a must for clubbin’, especially for break-the-ice moments.

Where as the previous track was tame EYES just goes all out. Right off you can hear the brass blaring and the beats thumping, as well as the club/dance elements. At first it can sound annoying but after a while it will grow on you. There’s just something about the brass and the dance elements, as well as the variety of the music as the song progresses that makes this so irresistible. This is easily one song that you could dance to.

nullThe mood sobers up a little with Wagamama. It’s a legit ballad, just keep that in mind. But it features something that I never thought I would hear in Maki’s songs: the acoustic guitar. That’s right, the acoustic guitar as well as the drums as the main instrumental in this ballad, which is pleasant to say the least. I can’t lie when I say that it could put you to sleep, there are times where it’s boring, but mostly it sounds so peaceful and almost country at times.

When I first heard Ienai Kedo I honestly thought, “OMFG FIERCE SONG!!!!” It sounded like an acoustic ballad at first but after those first few seconds it transformed into a hot, synth sensation. The music is pretty mid-tempo yet it sounds incredible and danceable. This could very well be a song for the club, if it were a little faster. But I loved her vocals especially in this song, they were somehow more sultry. I personally couldn’t get over the synth elements and the top notch arrangement.

nullFinishing up this mini-album is the dramatic and epic ballad entitled Hanauta. The music features classical instruments such as the strings and naturally the piano, as well as some percussion. While the other ballad might have been a little flat, this ballad is awing. The arrangement is superb and the vocals are excellent. And I can honestly say that the chorus of this ballad is mind-blowing. It’s one of the better ballads of that year so far, well the ballads that I can remember anyway. The point is that this ballad is amazing and you should at least listen to this song.


Basically this mini-album is MIND BLOWING!!!! The only major bad thing I can say about this album is that there could have been more variety and the vocals could have been stronger. I still like SWEET BLACK better than this mini-album but you have to keep in mind that there were more tracks and there was a greater variety as far as genre goes. Other than that this mini-album is perfect. And you have to admit that she looks good on that cover, there’s just something about that outfit that makes her look evil and naughty, in a good way though. A worthy predecessor to say the least.



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  1. […] it’s rather dark, but it’s an excellent track. And I’m not quite sure why, but EYES is right after the title track. While I love its upbeat and cheery sound, all the brass and dance […]

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