Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door was BENI’s 9th single. It was released on August 11, 2010 and reached number 49 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 2,130 copies sold.

Heaven's Door - BENI

1. Heaven’s Door
2. I like it
3. Gimme Gimme♥ DJ HASEBE REMIX
4. Heaven’s Door (Instrumental)

Honestly Heaven’s Door is somewhat forgettable. It’s a lovely ballad that while sounds nice doesn’t really leave you with a lasting impression. The classical strings, the rhythmic snaps, synth undertones, and even church-sounding chimes all sound great. But throughout the entire song I was asking myself, “Was that really it? Isn’t there more?????” Yeah everything is nice, but that’s it, it’s just “nice.” It wasn’t nearly as catchy as any of her other ballads. A nice song, this could go on a album, but this wouldn’t be A-Side material.

However where as Heaven’s Door was more or less a fail, I was in LOVE with I like it. I was almost hoping that it’d be a cover of Enrique Iglesias’ song xD. Basically this song is just another sleek, hot, dance-pop number. It’s quite reminiscent of CRUISE the WORLD as far as all the synth music goes. And I loved the vocal distortions, they were amazing. The music is just so infectious and the chorus is orgasmic, forreal. It’s that effing FIERCE. For some reason the people in the state I’m in are using the word “legit” so this song is “legit” it’s just that damn good.

As for the remix of Gimme Gimme♥. It’s hot as well. It sounds like a more refined, urban version of the original. But that’s always what these remixes sound like.


To sum it all up: Forgettable title track, FIERCE B-Side, and urban remix. The track sounds nice, but again, just nice, it’s not mind blowing like Beautiful World. The B-Side is the true star of this single, easily outshining the title track. Then again I could be a bit biased because I tend to love energetic, synth driven songs more, but I did like some of her ballads so this one is just okay. Fantastic remix that was just as catchy as the original, if not better. A nice way to kick off her new Era.



2 Responses to “Heaven’s Door”
  1. shizukesa says:

    ‘was almost hoping that it’d be a cover of Enrique Iglesias’ song ‘

    Haha, that song cracks me up for some reason.

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