L’amour Est Parti

For some reason I just felt like having this interlude as the title. I’m not going on a break or anything, but things are going to change. First off I know I’ve been late with a lot of the reviews. And honestly I wasn’t really inspired to write any reviews. But breaks and vacations do rejuvenate you. So I’m basically back on track now. There are a few reviews that I still have to do, but I’ll get them done eventually. So as for the change. COLLEGE TIME!!!! I leave for college/university in two days, and from there who knows how much I’ll be able to do. I’ll still try to get on weekly and review as much as I can, but I don’t know how much I’ll be studying etc. and since it’s my first year I really have to do well, I’d rather do well then fail and play catchup all four years. I still have to do some Kana since I FUCKING LOVED her single if.

And for those die hard C-Pop fans, I hope you knew this interlude was from none other than Jolin Tsai.

And there have been 155,283+ views since January 2008 =D



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