Gossip Candy

Gossip Candy was Koda Kumi’2 47th single. It was released on July 7, 2010 and debuted at no. 4 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 60,027 copies sold. In all, this single has sold over 84,358+ copies. The single is also a continuation or followup of her summer singles.

Gossip Candy - Koda Kumi

1. Lollipop
2. Inside Fishbowl
3. Outside Fishbowl
4. For you
5. Got To Be Real

It appears as though it’s time for another summer single, and I’ve been looking forward to this one for quite some time. So this single is somewhat of a fusion. It’s your typical summer single that’s also like Yume no Uta / Futari de… with the two fishbowl songs. Either way it’s pretty awesome.

First off is Lollipop, which sounds naughty already because Kuu can do stuff like that haha. This song is incredibly catchy, yet it’s not a dance song like TABOO or ECSTASY. It’s a bit edgier, more urban. The beats are awesome, the music FIERCE, and the vocals are oh so sultry. There’s seriously no song like this in her discography, but it’s that amazing. I dodged the bullet bullet…

nullAnd as awesome as Lollipop was, the Fishbowl songs are just incredible, if not for the sound just the fact that the melody is the same, and all the contrasts between them. So Inside Fishbowl is the more childish song of the two. While both songs are rock sounding, this song is more innocent, the rock music is a lot softer. And to top it off her vocals are by far more tame, and cuter? It sounds more like a child is singing, that is she’s restraining herself. As for Outside Fishbowl, you’ll notice that the instrumentals are by far more aggressive and stronger, louder too. The melody is the same so naturally they sound similar. But this song a tad bit darker as far as the sound goes. And her vocals are far more superior, it’s almost like Can We Go Back. I personally love the rock elements, there’s finally a decent rock song, way better than her last single. The guitar riffs were insane, the percussion sweet and the synth, orgasmic as always. I find it so mind-blowing that they have the same tempo but the overall sound and key are different.

For you is somewhat of the odd track, especially when you consider the fact that it’s a ballad. The mid-tempo arrangement and soft music sadly make it a tad bit too dull for my taste. But at least the chorus is a bit more exciting, at least with the sound. This ballad is sweet and innocent, but it seems kinda like WTF after three urban songs. And had it been a bit more energetic or dramatic it would’ve been better.

Now I remember hearing the newer cover from the movie Sharktale, and I fell in love with the song. And honestly this cover of Got To Be Real isn’t as good. And that’s probably because the MJB cover version was more like a re-written cover, sampling at the least. That being said this version is still great. It’s more modern and a lot more energetic. I wish her english was better, but what can you do. At least it was catchy.


So for another cheesy summer single this one is actually decent. You have your basic urban song Lollipop, which now that I think about it, almost reminds me of JUICY, as far as the urban vibe goes. You also have your two rock songs, which are astounding for the reason that they have the same melody and contrast in so many ways, a step up from Yume no Uta / Futari di… in my opinion, as far as composition goes. Then things tone down a bit with the ballad, but it does balance out the single a bit. And then the bonus track closes the single on an energetic note, although a more pop or dance hybrid would have been better, especially if it was like With your smile or girls. It could have been a tad bit better but overall as far as the final product goes it’s another fierce single from Kuu.



5 Responses to “Gossip Candy”
  1. I liked her cover of “Got to Be Real.” Even though she has the worst of the worst Engrish, I think her voice fit the song perfectly. I have never liked Kuu’s voice much, to be honest. Good job with your review!

  2. Die says:

    It was true to the original, and I loved her voice, but her English hurt it the most, which is a shame.

    And thanks =D I’m glad someone likes it haha

  3. NyNy says:

    Oh! You posted it on my birthday ^_^
    Anyways, I thought this was a huge disappointment coming from my favourite J-Pop artist, the only thing decent is the chorus of Lollipop because it’s pretty catchy.

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  1. […] of those songs that you hate to love because it’s bad, yet so good. Her summer sizzling song LOLLIPOP is next. The lyrics are pretty ridiculous, and while I shouldn’t like the song, I like it; […]

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