to LOVE was Kana Nishino’s 2nd album. It was released on June 23, 2010 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 290,048 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 616,009+ copies, making it the no. 2 album of the year currently. This makes it her release to ever attain the top spot on the daily as well as the weekly charts.

to LOVE - Kana Nishino

1. *Prologue* ~What a nice~
2. Best Friend
3. Summer Girl feat. MINMI
4. Hey Boy
5. Motto…
6. love & smile
7. Kono Mama de
10. Come On Yes Yes Oh Yeah!!
11. Dear…
12. Aitakute Aitakute
13. You are the one
14. *Epilogue* ~to LOVE~

nullAfter you get over the fact that Kana looks increasingly white and almost Jolie-like, you got to admit that it’s impressive that this album reached no. 1. Kana has been seeming a huge increase in popularity since her debut album, even her singles are selling more. I never would have thought that she’d be this popular, then again after her “transformation” *cough* ayu *cough* who knows.

I wonder if they ever realize some of the grammar errors they make haha. It doesn’t matter though, because the Prologue is quite lovely. It’s soft, light “nice surprise.” Almost heavenly with all the wonderful euphoric instrumentals.

Then we get down to some fun songs. Best Friend is really more sweet than anything but it’s quite fun IMO. The mid-tempo arrangement and up-beat strings make for one incredible song. Summer Girl is clearly a fun song. It’s quite energetic, up-beat, and quite perfect for summer. All the brass? synth and percussion sound great, even MINMI’s vocals sound great. Hey Boy is pretty fun as well. It’s more rock driven than any song she’s released up to this point, far from her usual R&B hits. Either way those guitar riffs are awesome, and I love the energetic up-beat nature of the song.

nullNow we go to our R&B semi-ballads, or ballads in some cases. First up is Motto, released as the first single for the new ear, aka pre-transformation. It’s very R&B driven, and even has an appreciable amount of synth. The overall sound is refreshing and simple, not to mention semi-mid-tempo. love & smile is another R&B semi-ballad. This song however is more up-beat and more cheery. There also seems to be a great emphasis on synth, but Kana’s vocals are stronger than usual, which is a surprising thing. This song just seems very happy-go-lucky. As for Kono Mama de, it’s a sweet ballad. While it’s dramatically slower than its predecessors it’s a full-blown ballad. It’s mid-tempo, filled with powerful vocals, and that classic ballad feel.

Next up are some of my favorite tracks. First up is MAYBE. It’s more of a dance song IMO and it’s spectacular. The infectious synth riffs and vocals make it one hot song. Definitely surprised that it was released in the Winter, but what can you do. Up next is the flawless WRONG,  it’s just as hot and just as FIERCE as MAYBE. Seriously, as far as Kana goes this is edgy. While it’s infectious it also has a bit of a rock vibe, especially during the chorus. Her English has also improved it seems. The point is this song is HOT, seriously, one of the best songs on the album. Now first I thought Come On Yes Yes Oh Yeah!! was the dumbest song ever. That’s because the first 30 seconds or so were just so weird, almost like terrible hip-hop. After that intro it gets more dance friendly, heavier synth riffs, and the music gets a lot better. The chorus is infectious as can be, these three songs here are the best for fulfilling your pop/dance/synth needs. It’s edgy at times, and the verses could use some work, but overall I loved this song. The piano chords, guitar riffs (???), and synth made it amazing.

nullSo now we come towards the end, and it ends with the ballads. Dear… was a very sweet ballad, more classical when compared to her R&B ballads, yet it still retains that R&B feeling; the same goes for Aitakute Aitakute. Although it’s a bit more of an R&B ballad. Great use of classical elements and the up-tempo arrangement is wonderful; still one of my favorite ballads and singles. And the final new song is You are the one. It’s a bit slower moving, but it still retains the R&B sound and remains lovely. The strangest thing was the huge boost in instrumentals, there was a huge, noticeable difference. Sweet and beautiful overall, dramatic at times, and truly epic.

And as for the epilogue ~to LOVE~, it’s basically a continuation of the prologue, not all that creative but it does give the album closure. Sounds rather magical and just as innocent and as lovely as Kana.


DAMN Kana, you be making real good albums =O No but seriously, this album easily tops the list of best albums. It’s nearly outsold Ayu’s new album, in only one week, maybe she’s replacing ayu (O_o) oh well, ayu had it coming haha. As far as the structure goes I’m extremely pleased. You have your intro followed by some fun songs, then you have the semi-ballads, up next is the hard hitting HOT and FIERCE tracks, the ballads follow next, and the epilogue closes the album. The album has flow, sadly most albums don’t, which is why this album is even better. As far as music goes, there were some fantastic singles released prior to the album, you had some flawless new songs, and even the bad songs were good and decent. There weren’t any songs that I legitimately hated believe it or not. This album has got my vote for no. 1 album of the year, sorry Beni =(.



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  1. shizukesa says:

    I totally agree, ‘WRONG’ is an amazing song. I like when Kana shows a bit more attitude in her songs, they always end up being the better ones. ‘You are the one’ is so pretty, she should do more songs like it 😀

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