best day, ever?

Yesterday was possibly the best day ever haha. No but seriously, it was awesome. I found out my AP scores, got 2 4s and 2 5s, a 4 for AP Chem and AP Computer Science. And a 5 in AP Art History and AP Government, and I seriously didn’t expect to do so well in government or chemistry haha. And in all, with transfer credits uncluded, I have a grand total of 42 credits, which is a whole year of college, naturally I cannot use all of that for my major, some will be for part of the liberal education curriculum haha but every bit helps. And on top of that I got my tablet PC!!!! It’s so awesome, and now that I have a working laptop I can go back to reviewing a lot more haha. So expect some reviews soon, I need to catch up on Jasmine, Kana Nishino, and some others.

4 Responses to “best day, ever?”
  1. chan says:

    gratz on the score~ ^^/

    everything’s gonna be fresh and exciting ;D

    _ cyk · °

  2. keyinjpop says:

    Straight up great. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see those reviews.

  3. Cristelle says:

    Woah congrats! Haha still waiting on my AP scores… although I doubt they will be as stellar as yours =P. Oh well. I can rest assured that I will never have to take those exams again now that I’m finished high school, haha. Can’t wait for those reviews!

  4. tsukinoai says:

    awesome! I don’t think I have it in my to pay $8 for something I’ll get in the mail anyway. I’m really nervous about my Calc BC score though ._.

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