to Mother

to Mother was YUI’s 16th single. It was released on June 2, 2010 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon Charts with 71,804 copies sold.

to Mother - YUI

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. to Mother ~Instrumental~

I’m finally catching up see =D

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that YUI loves her mother. And to Mother really shows how much she loves her. From the lyrics it would seem as though she writes about the various memories she’s had. One unique thing about this song is that there’s NO ACOUSTICS, seriously, I never thought that YUI would ever have a song like this. Instead it’s a pure ballad that’s driven by the piano. So because of that it’s even more special. YUI’s vocals are also pretty good too, filled with such emotion.

As for Tonight, it’s a typical YUI song. A hard rock number that’s far more up-beat and more aggressive. The heavy guitar riffs and all really make the song, alongside YUI’s high pitched vocals. Not only that but it’s a pretty catchy song too.

And the acoustic version of GLORIA was nice too. Although GLORIA was already a typical YUI song before this acoustic version. So it sounds the same, just a little calmer and not nearly as loud. But either way I still love that “yai yai yai yai” part.


So it seems as though we have yet another amazing single from YUI, one of the few artists who can land a no. 1 for all of the singles she releases for an album. Anyway to Mother was sentimental and nice, Tonight was cool and edgy, and the acoustic version of GLORIA was great. All and all another great single.



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  1. […] due to the wonderful string instruments present, and because it was catchy, and memorable. At least to Mother was a ballad, the only one of two on the entire album. Even Summer Song was good, namely because […]

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