Last Love

Last Love was Miliyah Kato’s 19th single. It was release on June 9, 2010 and reached no. 13 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 10,541 copies sold.

Last Love - Miliyah Kato

1. Last Love
2. Tomorrow
3. Fallin’
4. Last Love -Instrumental-

So after a few up-beat singles I guess it’s time for something sad and sappy. That’s exactly what Last Love is. It’s certainly not up-beat. This ballad still has some R&B flare to it, such as the beats, but the mid-tempo arrangement and the vocals set the tone. There’s a sense of melancholy with this song, especially with the strings, which sound depressing and sad. It doesn’t sound all that catchy but at least it sounds nice, maybe I’m not in the mood for a sad ballad?

Finishing the single are the tracks Tomorrow and Fallin’. Tomorrow is a bit more up-beat than the last song, the arrangement certainly is. The acoustics and soft R&B elements fit well into this semi-ballad. My favorite though is Fallin’, it’s far more edgy and aggressive. There’s also a greater R&B feel associated with this song. In fact this song is more of what I’d expect from Miliyah. This is also the catchiest song for me.


Okay I have nothing against ballads, but I wasn’t feeling Last Love all that much. In fact the only song I really cared for was Fallin’. It could be because I haven’t heard an epic ballad in a while, but I’m not feeling this single all that much. And it could also be that I was expecting something that was more of an R&B song, like her other singles. At least Heaven will be coming out soon, that’ll be one interesting album, and I am looking forward to it.


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  1. […] I’m still wondering why the ending sounds so sad though. It might be because it leads into Last Love, which does sound depressing and full of melancholy. The song still sounds lovely, but it’s a […]

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