FLASH was Crystal Kay’s 2nd mini-album. It was released on June 16, 2010 in a CD edition and a limited CD+DVD edition. The title track FLASH used for a CM for Canon IXY Digital and the song Victoria was used in a Tully’s Coffee CM.

FLASH - Crystal Kay

1. intro
3. Victoria
4. Never say goodbye
5. Happy
6. I pray
7. outro

With this new mini-album my reviewing self has been inspired yet again!

The intro was pretty epic, no lie. Although it almost seemed foreboding at times. It was a mess, but in a good way, a choir in the background towards the end, a symphony of strings, a bunch of other random things as well. And it led into an amazing song.

When I first heard FLASH I thought it bad, but that was only from the music video. But once the entire thing came out I got it and I gave it another shot. And this is probably the FIERCEST and HOTTEST track of the summer. It’s edgy, aggressive, and just plain sexy. The mainly synth driven song features some great and edgy vocals from CK. An impressive chorus that’s about as addictive as crack, don’t worry I haven’t used any drugs haha, it’s just that good. And I also loved the bridge, it was awesome too. And the song was kinda like a modern R&B song, possibly from American, it has that feeling to it.

The other hot track is Victoria! It features a lot more beats and it’s more choppy at times, yet just as good. The chorus is certainly more aggressive as well. Again there are a lot more beats, synth driven still. This song is almost like a fusion of R&B and rock. And it’s just as catchy as FLASH, not as amazing IMO, but pretty damn catchy.

Never say goodbye signals a change in tone as far as the mini-album goes. Things aren’t so edgy, rather up-beat and friendly. Never say goodbye is more of a dance song, lighter beats that are more energetic and again up-beat. It’s also a lot faster, the tempo that is, it moves faster. The pleasant sound, fast beats, cheery music, and lovely vocals make for a very sweet song.

I honestly didn’t really care for the next two songs though. Both Happy and I pray are ballads. Happy is more of a piano ballad that’s sung entirely in English, possibly a tribute to Michael Jackson, she said “I love you Michael” in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong it’s sweet, but it’s just not all that awing or anything. But she did have some great vocals. I pray is more of what I would expect from CK, there’s something else besides a piano. The mellow R&B beats and mid-tempo arrangement of the ballad, this is a bit more refined. But again it didn’t really do much for me.

The outro for the most part was just a piano playing, and then some strings, followed by a few more instrumentals and the sound of the world, various voices etc. It served its purpose.


I haven’t heard her first mini-album but I think it’s safe to assume that this is better. The music was awesome. There was a nice mixture of fierce and ambiance. You had your two fierce tracks that were infectious as hell. The dance track that was a moderate and then the two iffy ballads, good by most standards but I didn’t care for them. And the intro and outro were nice too. And I’m quite glad this was a mini-album, especially since it’s been a while since she released her BEST of album, which had 4 new songs. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.



3 Responses to “FLASH”
  1. Victoria is made of win. Jus’ sayin’. Good job on this review! I haven’t heard anything good from Crystal Kay since “ONE” so I’m glad she’s back. šŸ™‚

  2. chukuma says:

    Wonderful review! Now I’ll definitely have to check this out!

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  1. […] and beautiful sound. Definitely a dramatic ballad, and worthy of praise. Another ballad featured, I pray. It was on her mini-album FLASH. It’s a mellow piano ballad, nothing all that special IMO. […]

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