Hey everyone. I’m not dead. I’ve just been too lazy for any updates. But on the bright side school is almost over, i have about 6 more days till I graduate. And by then my summer looks pretty chill until July. So I’ll be able to update a lot more often. Anyway a bunch of singles just leaked, well the promo versions. Kuu’s Gossip Candy is HOT, honestly it could be the quality of the sound, but my favorite so far seems to be Got To Be Real. Ayu’s MOON is out too, the HQ version too. And then Namie’s Break It / Get Myself Back is also out, Break It is good, too shorty though and a bit too repetitive, and the other is more of a ballad. Anyway reviews will start again soon, maybe even tomorrow?

EDIT: The Kuu single is a rip from youtube, how sad, but that would explain some stuff haha. Hmm and now it seems as though all are rips except for Namies, oh well.

3 Responses to “0.o”
  1. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  2. verces300 says:

    Hi! How are you? Let me just say your blog is inspirational…that I just started my own blog and yes I’m going to review music in it! Don’t you just love music!

    I’d also would love to say CONGRATULATIONS on your college acceptance…I wish you the best!

    -V3 *ARI*

  3. Die says:

    Thanks everyone =D It makes me feel better haha

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