Mirai / Moshikashite

Mirai / Moshikashite was Miho Fukuhara’s 8th single. It was released on May 19, 2010.

Mirai / Moshikashite - Miho Fukuhara

1. Mirai
2. Moshikashite
3. Taemanaku
5. Mirai (Instrumental)

For a while I had thought that Miho had dropped off the face of the planet. I was in love with her last single and I wanted more, so now after a few months I got it.

Basically she’s released yet another astounding single. Mirai lit. Future sounds is yet another stunning release. Like her previous single it’s extremely up-beat, this time it’s because of the jolly piano chords, and the up-beat arrangement. She also displays her powerhouse of vocals within the chorus, which is just as infectious as the last single. There’s also a good bit of English in the song, which makes it even more enjoyable. It really sounds like something she’d come out with, great powerful vocals, the piano arrangement, and naturally the guitar. While the Studio Apartment Remix is almost 7 minutes long, it’s pretty good, minus the long intro and outro. Basically it’s more dance driven with a lot more beats, still cool though.

Moshikashite is something that you’d expect from Miho, it’s more acoustic based that is. This song is more laid back and far more easy going yet it still remains a great song. It almost seems purer and more organic than the previous track when you listen to it. Still a lovely song by all means. And apparently Taemanaku was included on her indies mini album, which you can tell, it’s far more intimate and personal than either of the title tracks. This little acoustic song is just what the doctor ordered.


I’m delighted that she’s finally released another single!!!! It’s really been quite too long since her last single, which was equally good. I just can’t get over how amazing and powerful her vocals are. And I loved all the English that was being used. I am just in LOVE with her up-beat songs, just like the Mirai. The second title track could have been a bit catchier, but since it was borderline ballad and acoustic it’ll do. I’m already stoked for her next single, and album as well.



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