sad to say

sad to say was JASMINE’s debut single. It was released on June 24, 2009 and reached no. 31 on the Oricon Charts and has sold over 31,217+ copies.

sad to say - JASMINE

1. sad to say
2. i’m in luv wit u [1989 remix]
3. Koi
4. i’m in luv wit u [laid back remix]

I know I posted the Jasmine thing weeks ago but this is probably the first time in a good two months that I’ve had a break.

As far as describing her music, in sad to say particularly it reminds me of Hikki’s old music instrumental wise with a more modern twist. It has that true R&B flare, relaxed beats and not overly aggressive. Her vocals were great, I loved all of the emotion. Sad to say it’s not the catchiest thing, nice nonetheless.

So i’m in luv wit u is a cover I think? This song sounds like true R&B, old old school for the most part. The best things were the distortions, which hindered it at points, it’s a paradox xD The laid back remix was more laid back, sounds like a bad description but it’s the truth. The distortions are removed for the most part, you hear her real vocals. It’s a nice change.

Finally there’s Koi. It’s another R&B laced track. Slightly more aggressive than the other tracks but not nearly as catchy. But it does sounds better as the song progresses which is good.


For her debut single it’s not atrocious. In all honesty though I prefer her newer singles to this one. But it’s clear to see that she has a future in R&B, I just hope it’s at least a few more years.


One Response to “sad to say”
  1. sakurayume says:

    Jasmine is gonna be HUGE! Sad to Say is her only work that I didn’t like. Jealous, for me, is probably her best.

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