sorry yet again

for the lack of updates. school’s been such a bitch lately, namely ap tests and physics. the good news is that physics is over tomorrow. Bad news, I have another ap test tomorrow. And i will have a two more after that. So this and next week will be review-less probably, unless I feel like reviewing some amazing singles.

4 Responses to “sorry yet again”
  1. tsukinoai says:

    ap calc is going to eat me alive. just sayin.

  2. sakurayume says:

    Its okay, school has mentally raped me too. Stay strong!

  3. pdw says:

    Just another thing to keep in mind. BENI has done it yet again. This time she has released a double A-Side single entitled Yura Yura/Gimme Gimme both songs being catchy as always. Just throwing that out there for all those BENI fans. 🙂

  4. Die says:

    yeah both are pretty good, i’m thinking of reviewing it this thursday aka no more apt tests ever!

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