Zokkondition / LUCKY☆STAR

Zokkondition / LUCKY☆STAR was Ai Otsuka’s 20th single. It was released on April 7, 2010. The first title track was used in the beer brand Asahi Suratto CM, while the second title track was used as the Fuji TV’s broadcast of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Zokkondition / LUCKY☆STAR - Ai Otsuka

1. Zokkondition
3. Zokkondition (Instrumental)
4. LUCKY☆STAR (Instrumental)

Sorry for the lack of updates but school has been the cause of this, it annoys me so much =( But after May 14th I think, I won’t care anyone. Um yeah so onto Ai =D

nullSo it’s been a little over a year since Ai’s last physical single was released, and even then it was only a re-cut single. But she’s back finally, and I just adore the way she looks. Well maybe not on the single, cause she looks like she’s had a little too much to drink, but I love the platinum blond locks. Both tracks were released as digital singles. The first one released was LUCKY☆STAR. It took some time for it to grow on me but once I did I began to LOVE this up-beat, happy-go-lucky, rock inspired tune. It’s songs like these that make me remember why she went on tour with PUFFY and Avril Lavigne ( I think….if I remember correctly). I personally love all the fun aspects of this song, the random spacey sounds/beeps, the guitar chords, and Ai’s cute vocals, it’s been far too long. It’s also the more memorable, and catchier of the two, just to give you a heads up.

Ai’s consistent if nothing, at least Zokkondition is another rock song. That being said I really feel that this was the weaker of the two songs. It was more rock driven, slightly more aggressive. It does feature Ai’s oh so cute vocals, but I feel that it lacks a wow factor. BUT it still beats out Ayu’s new PVs…..those three songs are so boring and lack a major wow factor. I personally don’t think that it’s all that great and catchy, but I could be wrong, I might even need some time for this to grow on me, but right now it’s mediocre.


So basically this single is a hit and miss. I loved the second title track, but the first was just meh. It could have been better, but as I feel I will find out with Ayu, it could have been a whole lot worse. I must admit though that if she can turn out more tracks like LUCKY☆STAR she’ll might hit another peak and regain her popularity.



6 Responses to “Zokkondition / LUCKY☆STAR”
  1. sakurayume says:

    Yeah, I can’t feel anything for Zokkondition. The vocals are bad and the song’s just a total mess.

    Lucky Star is ❤ ❤ ❤ and much like the Ai we all know and love.

  2. tsukinoai says:

    Haha I loved both songs 😛

    Anyway, it’s staggering to see the difference between her “Love” releases and her “Ai Otsuka” releases. Her albums sell 6-figures each time and Love It sold what, 2,000? Some side projects just don’t work.

  3. Die says:

    i love her LOVE stuff, i should review the album, it’ll be quick.

  4. Crystallas says:

    it’s my favorite single from 2010 so far, maybe because ai-chan is my favorite singer lmao.

  5. Jinhwa says:

    The first song is very bad. I think her music is a joke. Why people like it I don’t know. Why people like Beckii Cruel’s music also puzzles me.

  6. Dako says:

    Uuuuhm, am I the only one who prefers Zokkondition over LUCKY STAR? LUCKY STAR is ok, but it doesn’t appeal to me very much D:

    Anyway, I like her new single ^-^ I think she deserves higher sales, I don’t know why her popularity has suffered such a fall ._.

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