Woe is I

I complete forgot to play a prank on April fools but that’s okay I guess. Um the site is just kinda slow, like I said, school has ruined my life, once May comes though I’ll be nearly free. Anyway though idk what to review, suggestions are opened, preferably something that I’d listen to. Rie fu’s latest studio album is meh. And Ayu’s new album is going to be crap I think. The PVs are out and only one song is actually decent, the rest are boring and repetitive as f*$%. However I’m really excited for MiChi’s latest single. The title track is amazing and I adore the B-Side. So bare with me for a while, the lack of updates will hopefully subside.

and as for blog stats….the views probably went down a lot from last month

5 Responses to “Woe is I”
  1. sakurayume says:

    I agree, Ayu’s new album looks to be a total dumpster fire. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you decide to review next. 🙂

  2. pdw says:

    Boy do I have news then!!!!! Alongside Ayu’s New album, Rock n’ Roll Circus on April 14, Perfume will be releasing a new single entitled Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite. Maybe you should check out the PV’s or give the songs a listen!

  3. pdw says:

    Try reviewing some of AZU’s songs

    I hope this info helps!

  4. anonymous says:

    this is Ayu’s best album in ages, i dunno what you’re listening to.

  5. Die says:

    i’m quite excited for perfume =D

    ….idk about Ayu the only decent song was Microphone, the others were just like WTF?!?!?!

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