So Happy I Could Die

Literally!!! I got accepted to my no. 1 college, and it makes me so happy. I didn’t get in for the major I wanted, you have to apply to the school then the major, but I can transfer in during the spring which is good. So I haven’t been posting this month because I’ve been swamped with lots and lots of work, school mostly. I also got a new computer which is amazing, it’s so much faster and has Windows 7, a huge improvement from XP. So yeah I plan to review Miliyah’s BYB BYE, it’s one amazing single as usual, her album Ring and JUJU’s self titled album probably tomorrow if possible. Thanks for stopping by!!!

6 Responses to “So Happy I Could Die”
  1. sakurayume says:

    Sounds like life is treating you well right now! Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished! Looking forward to your review.

  2. Megumi says:

    Congrats 😀

  3. tsukinoai says:

    Ooh which school? I got some not so good college news today D=

  4. Die says:

    virginia tech =D very good school for engineering

  5. tsukinoai says:

    Nice!! I was just rejected from Swarthmore and wait-listed at Pomona. FML.

  6. Haibara says:


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