Sakura Ame / READY FOR LOVE / S.H.E. / Last Kiss

Sakura Ame / READY FOR LOVE / S.H.E. / Last Kiss was JUJU’s 12th single. It was released on February 24, 2010 and reached no. 20 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold over 6,649+ copies.

Sakura Ame / READY FOR LOVE / S.H.E. / Last Kiss - JUJU

1. Sakura Ame
3. S.H.E.
4. Last Kiss
5. Sakura Ame -Instrumental-

Needless to say I’ve been quite busy, and then there hasn’t been many new releases that I’d normally do. But JUJU did release a new album and I think it’ll be pretty good. So I’ve decided to review this single, her previous single, and her latest self titled album.

With a name like Sakura Ame you can tell that it’s going to have some oriental influences. It’s an exquisite ballad, very calm and classical. It’s different than most ballads I hear so I have to get it some props. The overall music experience is unforgettable, especially since it is so different.

I actually like READY FOR LOVE a lot more than any of the other tracks on the single. It’s very synth driven, R&B to some degree if you would like. Her vocals sound a little childish at times but it goes very well with the songs. The strings and synth and the variety of vocals, not just monotonous, really makes the song stand out.

S.H.E. is more of a classical ballad, very slow and very strings and piano driven. While Last Kiss is actually a cover of Bonnie Pink’s song with the same name. And I can actually hear the Bonnie Pink in it xD She’s just that familiar. It’s an incredibly epic song, lots of great instrumentals including piano, guitar, strings etc. The melody is what makes it so Bonnie Pink sounding, a very lovely cover.


JUJU is going to go places, I can just feel it. Her music is certainly different than most things I listen to, but that might be why I like it so much. Not much to say about this single except it’s amazing of course. I’d personally just get the new album entitled JUJU instead since it’s out already but that’s just me. PRESENT is up next!


2 Responses to “Sakura Ame / READY FOR LOVE / S.H.E. / Last Kiss”
  1. pdw says:

    OK, you don’t have to take my advice or anything but why don’t you try reviewing the new solo artist AZU her songs are really amazing and I would totally like to hear your side of the story.

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