bye bye

bye bye was BENI’s 7th single under Universal. It was released on March 10, 2010.

bye bye - BENI

1. bye bye
2. Stylish
4. bye bye (Instrumental)

Someone BENI never fails to impress and bye bye is no exception. It’s been a while since she’s released anything up-beat so it’s quite refreshing. It has urban elements namely the beats, it’s already been DJ Hasebeified (yes i made up the word). Besides that though it was some oriental strings, lots of feel good sounds, the keyboard, and even some synth. It’s just an infectious song, not stardust infectious, but better than that overly happy song that I can’t remember….

The opening for Stylish has me thinking it was very far out there and spacey, but it’s actually more like a synth upped version of stardust. The breakneck speeds, heavy synth elements, quite fast too mind you, and the infectious rhythm make for one fierce song.

And if Sign wasn’t your thing because it was a slow ballad fear not. The new remix has sped things up as well as made it a little more urban, there’s a greater emphasis on the beats. It sounds somewhat out of place but I still love it.


This is basically another amazing single by BENI. It’s more up-beat than her past releases, and perhaps most infectious single to date. She just keeps getting better, she might even be better than Ayu xD She’s another artist who fails to disappoint me, which is why I love her so much. So another sexy single by the lovely BENI nuff said.


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