Friends! was Tamaki Nami’s 2nd single under Universal, 17th overall. It was released on July 29, 2009 and reached no. 24 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with 3,632 copies sold. This single continues her new trend of multiple editions of the single, each with a different B-Side.

Friends! - Tamaki Nami

1. Friends!
2. Negai Hoshi (Limited Edition A CD+DVD)
2. Happy Forever (Limited Edition B CD+DVD)
2. Mata ne (CD Only Edition)
3. Friends! (Instrumental)

I kinda ran out of ideas as far as reviews go, and I remembered that Nami was releasing a new single, so I decided to play catchup and review some singles from her newest album, out next week.

How to describe Friends!? It’s certainly unique, and annoying. It’s up-beat, cheery, almost bubblegum pop sounding, but a little more annoying. Trying to sound retro and cool doesn’t work for Nami at this point, move onto something better, hell I’ll take a Gundam-esque song. It could have been a bit more edgier.

My favorite track was easily Negai Hoshi. It was used as the theme song for a video game and when you’ll heard it you know why. The music reminds me of one of Ayu’s remixes, electronic and almost trance-like. The dance beats and the programing sounds really worked for this song. It’s quite enjoyable, superior to the title track.

Mata ne is a little more mature than the previous tracks, but then again it is somewhat an up-beat ballad. The strings and piano chords sound lovely, and overall it’s very happy. Happy Forever is more of a pop song, but it’s uplifting and I loved the church bells, very everything is gonna be alright. And the echos were awesome.


This single is a huge improvement from GIVE ME UP, except I still love Konojo, too bad it won’t be on her new album. The A-Side is a bit generic but it’s not a complete disaster when compared to her 1st single under Universal. The B-Sides actually make this single and since there are three you’re bound to like one of them eventually. Her latest single sounds a lot better than this thankfully.



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  1. […] it’s catchy and all, but it lacks the quality of some of her past releases. The same goes with Friends! too. The semi dance-beats and the slow music don’t work for this song, making it a shitty […]

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