BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino

BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino was a single by NERDHEAD. It was released on January 27, 2010.

BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino - NERDHEAD

1. BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino
3. BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino (Instrumental)

So my lap top is pretty much in lap top heaven right now….it’s not going to get fixed anytime soon, unless someone can point me to a site where i can get some windows xp software for free xD And there aren’t any new releases yet…well any that I really want to review anyway. So this is what I have decided to review.

I’m not all that sure who NERDHEAD is but I LOVE BRAVE HEART. And why do I love it? Cause it has my favorite Japanese blonde R&B star Kana Nishino of course. So this song is pretty much a R&B ballad. Lots of lovely piano chords and tons and tones of synth. The music is very typical of her latest works, piano and synth driven with various beats etc. Kana’s vocals are very R&B sounding, and quite powerful as well. They remind me of her performance in Kimi ni Koe wo. NERDHEAD pretty much just raps, which isn’t all that bad. I’m just loving this song, there’s no other way to describe it then an amazing R&B sensation.

I didn’t care for Mou Ichido all that much because it was….Kana-less. It’s just another R&B song, with lots of random rap verses. Not much to say after that I guess.


So this single is pretty much one of Kana….er NERDHEAD’s greatest singles! I really think that Kana made this single, and actually I could see this being put into her next album, or hopefully a solo version. Her newest single will be out within a few weeks so this should hold over any fans till then. I might have to give NERDHEAD a listen if he releases anymore singles, but I doubt it’ll be half as good unless he has some more collaborations.

Basically if you’re a fan of Kana Nishino you’ll love this song, if not oh well.


One Response to “BRAVE HEART feat. Kana Nishino”
  1. Kaye says:

    NERDHEAD’s vocalist is actually GIORGIO CANCEMI/GIORGIO 13 who writes songs with Kana. 😛
    The pianist and violinist also plays in some of Kana’s songs.

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