Diamond / Over the clouds

Diamond / Over the clouds was alan’s 12 single. It was released on February 3, 2010 and debuted at no. 11 on the Oricon Daily Charts. This is alan’s first double A-side. The first title track Diamond was used as the 2nd ending theme song for the anime InuYasha Kanketsuhen, while the 2nd title track Over the clouds was used as the opening theme song for the PSP game GOD EATER. It was released in a CD+DVD version, a CD version, and a limited-edition CD version.

Diamond / Over the clouds - alan

1. Diamond
2. Over the clouds
3. Diamond (Instrumental)
4. Over the clouds (Instrumental)

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMFG. Now that I’ve got that out of my system xD Let me just say that out of everything alan’s released, this is the SINGLE GREATEST ONE EVER! I was probably waiting for two or three days straight on a certain site waiting for this single to leak. There are some criticisms but then again isn’t there for everything.

nullFirst off we have Diamond. Despite some small problems I feel that it’s one of her best ballads. If you’ve heard everything from alan you’ll notice that it bears a similar sound to Essence of me. And you should, because both songs use the same melody, well maybe the melody of the chorus, it’s pretty obvious when you listen to both songs, this is more of a pop/ballad version of the original. Anyway it’s because I loved Essence of me that I love this song, that chorus was just so damn infectious, and while Diamond has slowed things down it still retains that level infectiousness. Now as far as music goes, it’s a very Ayu sounding ballad. The piano chords, percussion, bells, and the most Ayu sounding thing of all, the guitar! Especially after the chorus and during the “lalala…” parts, it sounded so much like Ayu, M actually. But besides that I really loved this song, it’s just that incredible and amazing.

As for Over the clouds, MOST EPIC ALAN SONG TO DATE! Not only is it one of her most unique, seriously I’ve never heard anything like it. At first it sounds soft with the harp playing, but then suddenly the music picks up, and the next thing you know you’re listening to an aggressive guitar driven song, with some lovely strings, as well as some synth/programing elements. It just sounds like someone’s running, but that’s just me. And as for the chorus, it’s amazing. It’s a mixture of synth elements, as well as strings, and lots of programing sounds (you get what i’m trying to say) as well as guitar riffs, with a great emphasis on the synth. Anyway there’s also a slight use of the vocoder which is another great thing, alan’s altered vocals sound cool and surreal. My one problem was that alan didn’t sing according to the official lyrics, it clearly states “You can get it over, over the clouds” she totally skipped the it, but it actually sounds better that way. And the ending of the song, reminded me of Ayu’s alterna with the strings. Also in the ending, the last lines written in the katakana, the meaning is interesting but it sure sounded mystical, almost esoteric with the again altered vocals.


If you couldn’t tell from all the long words up there, I LOVE this single. Each song is pretty high quality, dare I say almost, almost on the level of Hikki? Probably not xD But still both songs are just that good. The first is a ballad that could have easily been one of Ayu’s many ballads, so you know it sounds good. And then Over the clouds is truly something new to alan, it pretty much blows everything out of the water. It’s also one of her few songs that’s not a ballad. I think alan is on the right track with her 3rd Era, I just hope she can keep it up. Yeah it’s kind of sad that she’s becoming the Chinese Ayu, but because this single is 10 times better than Swear and most songs on my life I’ll allow it. Oh and as for the cover, I don’t even think Ayu would do something like that.



4 Responses to “Diamond / Over the clouds”
  1. Jin says:

    5 stars eh? O: I also thought the single was very good, no matter how much like an Ayu song Diamond sounds like. xp
    Over the clouds did take a bit to grow on me but I love it just as much. ❤
    And those promo pics are gorgeous. *-*

  2. Die says:

    Yup yup, it’s just that damn good xD
    But seriously I love this single. Diamond sounds like Ayu, but it’s not a bad thing, I still love most of Ayu’s ballads, although the older ones are usually better, usually, not always though. And i can’t get over how different Over the clouds is, it’s truly something spectacular. And yes alan looks amazing, especially in the last promo pic.

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