Blog Stats January 2010

Welcome to yet another edition of Blog Stats! This is not only the first blog stats of the year, but the first blog stats of 2010. Kinda special but then not special. Anyway as far as blog stats go here’s the list:

Views This Month: 5,616 (Slowly getting back to its prime)
Most Viewed Page (Not Homepage): Yura Yura 124 Views
Total Views: 128,596
Busiest Day: November 7, 2009 – 424 Views (Not sure how that happened)

As for reviews this month and last month. There wasn’t much to review after the swarm of 20.1 reviews, so that was basically it. As for this month. I plan to review Kuu’s UNIVERSE, which is almost done, the tracks are done, I’m just writing the album as a whole part, as well as waiting for some better album scans that are flat and not just pictures of the scans. I also can’t wait to review alan’s Diamond / Over the clouds, the previews sound amazing! I’ll also stop being a bum and finally review Miliyah Kato and her Ring Era. I also hope to review some Stereopony an finish up their discography, and review their new single, hopefully I’ll like it, I love the covers already. And maybe Hikki will grace us with that song entitled Show Me Love??? Who knows, oh and I almost forgot about BoA’s new album, I’ll review that as well. So get ready for February!


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