Kimi ga Inai Mirai

Kimi ga Inai Mirai ~Do As x InuYasha SPECIAL SINGLE~ was Do As Infinity’s 22nd single. It was released on January 20, 2010. This single was released in 4 versions, a regular and limited CD edition and a regular and limited CD+DVD edition. The title track was used as the theme song for the anime InuYasha: The Final Act. The B-Sides were used in the anime as well.

Kimi ga Inai Mirai - Do As Infinity

1. Kimi ga Inai Mirai
2. Fukai Mori
3. Shinjitsu no Uta
4. Rakuen

This single IS the entire single of songs that has ever been used in InuYasha, as far as DAI was concerned. That being said I love it already. And while I’ve heard all of the B-Sides before I’ll still do a little review for all of them, but only since they’re amazing songs.

nullSo when it comes to Kimi ga Inai Mirai lit. A Future Without You, it’s just like their old material, which is actually a good thing. The producer is the same person who’s produced all of their other InuYasha songs, so you’ll notice a similar sound throughout each song, slimmer in others of course. But as far as this song is concerned it’s pretty fast. And as always there is rock music, strong guitar riffs and naturally some drum beats. Van’s vocals are great as usual, can’t complain about them. The song itself sounds extremely up-beat with the breakneck speed and the fast instrumentals.

Then we have the 10th single Fukai Mori lit. Deep Forest. This was actually the first song from DAI that I heard. At first it’s a little slow, and more acoustic based. But right before the chorus the strings pick up and the percussion becomes stronger and then BOOM! The amazing chorus arrives. I still love it and the catchy music, and everything about it, especially the woodwinds.

nullAnd then there’s Shinjitsu no Uta lit. Song of Truth. It’s a bit more somber than any of the tracks, and more oriental than any others. It’s still an amazing rock song, one of my favorites from DAI. And I just love all the oriental influences. Oddly enough this was also the band’s 14th single, beginning to see a pattern????

Now it’s time for my favorite track of all time for DAI! Rakuen lit. Paradise is an incredible song. This song is a rock ballad in every shape and form. It utilizes the strings along with the guitar, and the two make a flawless combination. The song is actually quite pessimistic but I can’t help but love the way it sounds. It’s truly one of their most epic works. And this was their 18th single, if you can’t see the pattern now there’s no hope for you at this point xD.


I have to say that this is the best InuYasha single, it’s basically the mother-load or all InuYasha singles. You have your three classical songs that are some of the best known by DAI, and now you another song that will soon become a classic. My only problem with this song is that it might be too generic. Maybe I need to listen to it a few more times, but right now it’s not exactly the catchiest song. Perhaps it shall grow on me. I still think it’s good, but not up to par with their previous hits. Although from what I’ve heard anything is better than ETERNAL FLAME.




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